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About Me!


"Do not Imagine that prayer is simply words. Prayer is the desire for God, an indescribable devotion, not given by people, but brought about by God's grace" 



My name is Mike, and I'm the author of this little prayer blog. I am a 20 year old Canadian Roman Catholic who is the youngest of four children. Currently, I am a university student who is studying philosophy with a burning heart for love of Christ. God willing, I will one day be ordained to the Catholic Priesthood and serve him and his people in that special way.  I have been  an altar server since I was eight years old and am currently my parishes master of ceremonies. I am part of my parishes liturgy committee and I have been a catechism teacher for six years. 

    I love doing anthing creative. Be it photography, videography or painting. Being creative allows me to challenge myself  to do things out of the ordinary... to capture a picture not everyone would, or to make some cool edits in a video or capture interesting shots for the video.  I love to bike around during the summer, and get out in the cold winters. I enjoy hanging out with friends and I love my family immensely. I also love to cook a mean steak dinner and enjoy a good apple pie. 

      My Catholic faith has always been an important part of my life. Ever since I was a little kid I was captivated by what the priest was doing within the Mass. My family would always sit in the back and even at the age of four or five I would be asking to sit in the front so that I could see what was happening. The Mass, and all forms of liturgy have always interested me and I love to learn more about it and teach others about it. 

     That is where, seven years ago I had the idea of starting a blog. I originally had another blog, that lasted a couple of years.  As the course of that blogs life went on, I began to notice that I had become more and more compelled with the idea and concept of prayer. It was too the point where, almost every post came back to prayer.  

     I have always found it fascinating that an immense God would allow himself to become private and personal with his children who have a desire for him. It always struck me greatly that we can have an intimate time with Our God personally and express to him our praise, petitions and pains. This I find has been the greatest strength in my life; that I am able to pray and be strengthened by God, the loving father. 

    When I started high school  six years ago, I decided to start this little Catholic blog. On this blog I have shared many Sunday reflections based on the Canadian Catholic readings for each weekend, shared many ideas and inspirations from scripture. I have shared prayers and compiled information of saints ( mainly Saint Michael the Archangel...the greatest saint.... yes, lots of bias there.)  I have also shared many happenings in my life that have inspired me to write and I have tackled some apologetic questions regarding the church. 

    Still today, I write Sunday reflections of the weekends readings, and I write prayers every Wednesday! Throughout the week there will normally be one extra post, which will be about an spect of the faith, liturgy, or something going on in life that I believe would be great to share. Other times it may just be an idea I've had been thinking about for a while. Soon too I will be starting more liturgical based posts, and answering questions regarding the liturgy. 

If you wish to get into contact with me, you totally can heres how: 

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I hope you enjoy your time on this blog! If you have any comments or questions please feel free to get in contact with me or leave them down below in the comments! 

God Bless, 

Last updated 2018

**Photo Credits to my friend Alyssa.**


  1. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for following our blog I wanted to have a look at your blog and see who you were. When I read some of your posts my reaction was this guy should become a priest. Then I took a look at your profile and when you said you wanted to be a priest I thought I must write and tell you to follow your dream as you would make a great priest. Keep writing I love your simplicity.

  2. Hi Mike! Nice to see another Catholic joining the AtoZ challenge! Looking forward to Aprii!

  3. Dear Mike, while searching for a different sort of image of St. Michael the Archangel, I came across a most interesting picture of him. It was attached to your blog. So here I am, a Catholic mom of three grown children lending my prayerful support to you. You are blessed to have known your course all your life. I too, knew since I was five that God called me to be a wife and a mother. Thank you for sharing your story and in doing so reminding me of my own calling. Keep up your amazing work here. I look forward to seeing more of you!


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