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A Contradictory Life

It goes without saying that Jesus has been a figure of much discussion and dispute throughout the ages. One of the main reasons why is because Jesus was and is a person of contradictions. Not saying that he himself was contradictory, but that his style, message and livelihood was contradictory to his society and still to ours. His very coming into the world was contradictory to the idea that people held towards how the messiah should come into the world. His teachings were and are contradictory to the rules and way of society. He himself rid of the retribution mentality so alive during that time and instead preached about loving your enemy and turning your cheek to them.

    Today is another example of the contradictions of his message. For the past couple of weeks the pharisees have been trying to trap Jesus and catch him in saying something wrong so has to be able to kill him. However, Jesus has always cleverly seen their evil intent and answered in ways even challenged the ph…
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Grow in Me

Grow, Jesus, grow in me.  In my spirit,  in my hear,  in my imagination,  in my senses.  Grow in me in your gentleness, in your purity,  in your humility,  your zeal, your love. Grow in me with your grace, your light and your peace.  Grow in me for the glorification of your father,  for the greater honour of God.
( Prayer taken from YOUCAT pg 71)


As I grew up and was going through school, as I reached junior high and senior year of school, one thing we were constantly told by our teachers at my Catholic school was that we must be good examples for the younger grades. We were told to be enthused and participate in activities because in a small school of a max of 250 students, the younger grades always looked up to the older grades.  In a way the teachers made us responsible, by saying this, for how the rest of the school participated. Regardless if their passionate speeches to us worked, it was still eye opening of the real power we held as "the older kids" with our lack of or truly present enthusiasm.

    I believe all of us have a calling for something more in life; a desire that extends beyond the materialistic world around us. The desire for something greater than life, for something that can make us feel fully alive. Throughout societies we have found this desire, this emptiness being filled by many things …

For the Love of God [Prayer!]

Author of love and compassion, you never cease to pour out your love onto your adopted sons and daughters.  For you are always helping those, whom ask for your help and granting them their hearts desires. You Oh Father, are pure love, and you are the perfect example of love and how to love one another. As author of love itself, you have loved me immensely and have offered me the perfect example of love; sacrificing my life for a friend. 
Help me to experience your love in my life today. May my eyes be opened to see your loving hand working within the activities I do this day.
 Following in your example, may I love others as you have loved me. Help me to follow in your footsteps of love, and to make sacrifices for others. 
May I be so inspired and free to be able to love freely, as you freely love everyone of your children. May I not withhold my love from anyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, or what they have done to me. May the love you have given me, radi…

The Banquet Of the Lord

My parish church is quite different in its liturgical set up compared to the typical Catholic parish. The altar and the Sanctuary, for instance, is situated in the middle of the church with all the pews surrounding it in a cross shape. So as you sit in one section you are facing the altar and at the same time can see the face of the people sitting across from you and to your sides. This, in my mind, is a great way of living and expressing our faith in a community. A theological saying that best summarizes it is,  We the body of Christ are gathered around the altar to receive the body of Christ.  We not only see the body of Christ in the Eucharist but at the same time can see the body of the Christ sitting across and next to us. We are surrounded around the table of the Lord, to partake of the heavenly banquet that he has prepared.

     As the liturgical year begins to wind-down we begin to hear the parables and readings with rich eschatological themes and  theology. All culminati…