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But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well
Matthew 6:33
Immediately preceding this phrase, Jesus had just taught about not worrying. He is teaching from the mountain, and he begins to teach about how we must not worry about our material needs. He points out how the flowers of the fields and the birds of the air are all looked after accordingly, so how much more God will look after us. So Jesus, preaching the sermon on the mount, preaches for us not to worry about our material things. 
    This beautiful phrase right at the end of the fascinating and relatable teaching often gets over looked by the reader and preachers. Yet this one phrase summarizes the entire point of the passage and the goal of the Christian life; that Christ should be at the center of our lives then everything else will fall into place. 
So often our society preaches empty messages that, although are alluring, do not hold up when tested. Society loves to teach  'l…
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Listen To Him! - The Transfiguration

This weekend, is a rare weekend that we get to celebrate during the Sunday liturgies of Ordinary Time. We celebrate the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord. Typically, this feast always lands on August 6th and this year it landed on a Sunday. The church has a hierarchy of  which masses is to be said on which days in the case that multiple feasts, or celebrations land on the same day. For instance today, we have the 18th Sunday Of Ordinary Time and The transfiguration. However, since this feast is a feast of the Lord, it takes precedence  over the Sunday of Ordinary time. So, we are treated with the readings and celebration of the transfiguration

     As my airplane was coming in to land in El Salvador a couple years ago, I looked out my plane window and saw a large mountain right in the center of the country. The peak was just barely above the clouds and it broke through the clouds surrounding it. For the first time in my life, as I looked out that window, I saw a mount…

Breathe In Me..

O breathe on me, O breath of God,
Fill me with life anew That I may love the things you love, And do what you would do.

O breathe on me, O breath of God, Until my heart is pure; Until my will is one with yours, To do and to endure.

O breathe on me, O breath of God, My will to yours incline, Until this earthly part of me Glows with your fire divine.

O breathe on me, O breath of God, So shall I never die, But live with you the perfect life Of your eternity.

* Prayer written by Edwin Hatch in 19th century. 

The Precious Pearl

I was at work the other day and as I was stoking the shelves in an isle, I could hear a kid in the toy isle right beside my isle say desperately to his mother, " Please mom, can I have it?! I REALLY want it!!! I NEED IT!" The kid continue to plead with his mom for a couple more minutes to which the mother said, " Will it make you happy?" and the child screams in excitement " YES it will!! It will make me the happiest boy  ever!" and the mother bought it for the child.

    Again this weekend in the Gospel Jesus presents us with three new parables. These are the last three parables in the "parable day" recorded in Matthew 13. Through out these teachings Jesus reveals to us the mysteries of the kingdom. He begins by taking what we do not know and do not understand- the kingdom of heaven- and comparing it to a scenario, situation or thing that we do understand and could relate to. So today, he presents two twin parables that reveal to us the jo…

The Mustard Seed

"The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard see that someone took and sowed in his field; it is the smallest of all the seeds but when it has grown it is the greatest of shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches." - Matthew 13:31-32

     One of those beautiful and well known parables, arguably, is this one. Jesus is on the side of the mountain, teaching the crowds with parables. He is taking something well known and comparing it to the mysteries of his kingdom.  Right from the get-go of his teachings we are able to see and know that the kingdom he preaches his not a normal kingdom. It is not an overpowering and harsh ruling kingdom, nor is it a kingdom of hard labor and heavy yokes. Rather, it is a kingdom, that is humble, has wheat and weeds, produces hundred folds, and is a kingdom focused on the other. It is a kingdom of others; a kingdom looking outwards of it self finding ways to help everyone, excluding no one. The king of …

Wheat and Weeds

Last weekend we heard the Gospel of Jesus teaching the crowds through the parable of the sower. Again today, Jesus teaches the crowds with three more parables. Let us look at the first of the three today. He begins by describing how the kingdom of heaven is comparable to again a sower who sows wheat seeds during the day. At night, without the sowers knowledge, an enemy comes along and plants weeds in the field as well. Then as it becomes close to harvest, the slaves notice that weeds had been planted and they wanted to pick them out, but the farmer, being wise, lets them grow together and will harvest both later.

     Many biblical scholars agree that the weed mentioned in this parable is darnel. Darnel is a wheat look-a-like that is highly toxic and only distinguishable from wheat at the time of harvest. So when they realized their was weeds why didn't they pull them out? They didn't pull it out because it looked exactly like wheat and they did not want to risk pulling o…

The Soil of the Heart

I am sure if you were to ask any of my friends if I am a good at texting or responding to emails I am positive you would get an overwhelming reply of "absolutely not."It is not that I hate texts or emails it is just a fact that I am a slow at responding.  I will normally see an email or text at one point and either not respond thinking I will respond later, or just end up forgetting about it. If, in the cases I do respond, my answers are not the most engaging, emotion filled or add much to the conversation.This would definitely come off surprising knowing how, like many other teens and young adults, much time I spend on my phone.