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Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.

It is the day when true love was shown to the world-when God showed to us how much he really loved us. He so desires to be have a relationship with each and everyone of us that He sacrifices His son, His only Son, as atonement for our sins. It is from this atonement that is hung on the cross, that we learn to love and show mercy to one another. It is through Christs' Passion that we learn that we must die to ourselves and live for others.

While walking through the Samaria, Christ had met a women, and the first thing he said to her was " I thirst." This simple saying, was not because he physically was thirsty, but rather because he thirsted for the faith of people- of the Samaritan women. He thirsted that she, and this community may come to know who He really is.

On the cross, we hear that Christ said again, " I am Thirsty." Again, He was not physically thirsty. Rather he thirsted for the faith of the people who crucified Him. He thirsted …

Palm Sunday

Every year I look forward to the unique and special week that is Holy week. It is always a week that was remarkably different from all the other weeks and it is always a week the "wakes up" my faith. Growing up, and still now, I was always interested in the Mass and the different actions of the priest. To see such differences during Holy Week and the different vestments that the priest wore, really caught my interest and something that I looked forward to.

     This weekend we begin this unique week. We begin the week that saved us from our sin and brought to us forgiveness, salvation, and the love of God. Beginning the the magnificent entrance into Jerusalem we embark on a special journey with Christ. We live the experience- not as a historical re-enactment- but as a sign of faith and remembrance.  We walk as Christ walked, we go where Christ went so that we can increase our faith and become closer with him. We begin this weekend by starting in a different location an…