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Growing in our relationship with God

This weekend we begin the great penitential season of lent. The time that we as Catholics and Christians can grow closer to God experiencing his unending forgiveness and his undying mercy. Lent is time where we journey with Christ in the desert and we transform our lives even closer to that of Christs. Through lent we, through the mercy of God, turn the sins and sadness of our lives into happiness and good deeds.
                The church gives us three tools to guide our Lenten journey: Prayer, almsgiving and fasting. One of the more popular ones is fasting. Unfortunately fasting is normally reduced to absenting from food or drink. However good of test that may be for our Lenten journey, we also should fast from other things that prevent us from becoming closer with God.  For example we can work at fasting from spreading gossip, being jealous, and harsh feelings we may feel for other people.  Fasting also includes giving something up so that we can add something new to our lives. …