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Are You Ready To Walk In the Desert?

This weekend really made it feel more like lent. We started with the ashes on Wednesday, and today we celebrate the first Sunday of Lent. Every year on this day, the Gospel tells us of the temptation of Jesus. All three of them offer us a different version, Matthew and Luke switch between the order of the temptations, while Mark, leaves out the conversation with Satan all together. However, just because he does not include the text of the temptation he still has the important message creased into the reading.

     Travelling is a desert for forty days going hungry, and being tempted doesn't sound like a good time to anybody. However, after his baptism Jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness.  At his baptism, God proclaimed Jesus as his only Son, in whom he is well pleased. After an exhortation like that, someone would have to prove themselves. One of the ways they prove themselves is by being tested. Normally by other people, but the Gospel tells us that Jesus was tem…

Ash Wednesday

Today we embark on our Lenten journey so as to prepare ourselves for the grand celebration of Easter. Every year we are given this season to make sure our hearts, minds, and souls are ready to be crucified with Christ and to resurrect with him. Lent is a penitential time, when we come asking for forgiveness of our sins. At the same time, we must not drown in these thoughts, but be happy and rejoice when Easter comes because all sin is wiped away. But thats still 40 days away.

     On starting this Lenten journey, we hear the teaching from Jesus on prayer, fasting, and alms giving. In it, Jesus gives an outline, or a map of the directions we should be going on our Lenten spiritual journey.  These three things are the staples to seeing, and fully participating in the Easter events. It is through these three actions that we become closer with God, others and how we build Gods kingdom on earth,

     During his teaching, Jesus stresses the necessity to do these things in private. It …

Rejecting Yeast

Today is the last day of Ordinary time before the great season of lent begins. We enter into lent with a begging question from Jesus, in todays Gospel, " Do you not yet understand?" In speaking to his disciples, Jesus questions them and tells them to beware of the yeast of the Pharisees.  But the disciples, do not understand what Jesus says and blames his speech on their failure to bring enough bread on their journey. However, Jesus is not talking about physical bread to eat but rather he is talking about the yeast of disbelief. The yeast that distracts someone from believing in himself. Yeast in the bible is a symbol for sin. Ever since the escape from Egypt, the Israelites have always eaten unleavened bread, as commanded by God. When yeast is added, it makes the bread rise and therefore inedible. Jesus then tells us, to beware, and resist the yeast, the sin, of disbelief.  In the first reading, we hear about God purifying the world through the great flood. He is aboli…

"If you choose... You can heal me"

Every where we look in our world there are outcasts.  Whether it be in politics, society or work, outcasts- those separated from the rest- are everywhere, and it's not a good thing. Being in a high school, it is easy to identify the outcasts ( like in all highschools). The ones that are lonely, walking the halls by themselves. eating lunch alone, and those who can be visibly seen separated from the group.  Walking in any city, one could see homeless on the streets, asking for money, or sleeping in the most uncomfortable of places. These, obviously are the current day outcasts. 
     In the time period of Jesus, their was just as many outcasts. The tax collectors,Lepers, those born blind, the poor, women, thieves, and the list goes on.  In todays Gospel, Jesus heals one of those outcasts, a leper. In the first chapter  of Mark, we have very little teachings from Jesus. Rather, we are given the accounts of his miracles and how he helped others out. So to begin his Gospel, Mark …

"Jesus... Went Out to a Deserted place and There He PRAYED"

Instead of coming up with New Years resolutions every year (that I am destined to fail at) I decide to choose 1 word. The creators of this marvellous idea, suggest to write posts about the word throughout the year. Last year, I totally forgot about those posts, and had only written my first post. This year however is going to be different. As a matter of fact, I am incorporating it into this post. 
 This year I chose the word 'Prayer.' Prayer is the foundation of living the Christian faith. It is our way of communicating to God our emotions and our mood, our struggles and our triumphs, our sins and our successes. Prayer is a conversation to our father, brother, teacher, shepherd- Jesus Christ. 
     In todays eventful Gospel, Jesus himself gets up early in the morning and prays. He subtracts himself from his fruitful works to spend time talking to his father. He begins his day with prayer. We do not know what he prays, but we know that he does pray. The action of prayer i…

Counter Cultural

Every year there is at least one event that happens that defines the year. It could be a star the had rocked the world with a number one single, a video on youtube that shaped peoples point of view or a large and traumatizing event that affected a country and  possibly the whole world. Either way, each year is defined by a year-turning moment that reshaped how people looked at the world. 
      Todays Gospel brings us into the start of the cultural renewal that Jesus brought. Mark places Jesus' first miracle as an exorcism that takes place immediately after calling his first disciples. Exorcisms in Marks Gospel are very important events for the development of Jesus and defining him. The one given today, begins with Jesus' teaching in the synagogue. The people who listened to him teach were astonished at the way he taught, it is different than the teachings of the scribes. Jesus' authority comes through, as he commands the unclean spirit to leave the man. After the ex…