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Follow the Leader!

For being introduced to the idea that Jesus will be  crucified, I to would have also been like St Peter in todays Gospel. Knowing that crucifixion is the death for the worst of criminals, I would not want this man, Jesus Christ, dying this kind of death.  If I was in the place of Peter, I would have most likely doubted, thinking, 'Is this guy really who he says he is?`

     This weekends Gospel is the continuation of last weekends Gospel, where Jesus calls Peter into a new role, to be the foundation of the church. But then we hear an almost contradictory role for Peter, being Satan. So why would Jesus call Peter Satan right after calling him to be the first leader, the foundation, of the Church.?

     Peter, like I would, spoke against the way of God. Peter was in a shock from hearing the news of how Jesus would die. Being traumatized by this experience, Peter pulls him aside and says, ' Lord, never shall this happen to you!` Peter wasn't prepared to hear that such un-…

Thursday Think About

Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary PT 4

    Often when we attend Mass, it can become 'just another thing' to do. It becomes part of a routine and the Mass can begin to loose some significance to us. We attend it, like every other Sunday, and then by the time we get home, we have forgoten everything we just heard.

    In todays Post, I am going to offer some tips on how to Search for more, or get more out, of Mass. These tips will not only help you during Ordinary time, but also, through out the rest of the liturgical calender when you attend Mass.

Before Mass

1) Arrive in the Correct Manner - Before you attend Mass, even if its on the car ride or walk to Mass, take time to pray. Pray asking God to focus your attention and to be open to hearing his word and receiving him in the Blessed Sacrament. When you pray you put your self in the proper disposition ( or frame of mind.) IT helps you to focus yourself and your thoughts on God, and it allows you to be extra attentive.

2) Sit Somewhere New- O No Never! Thats My spot,…

Guess who Got a New Job!

The viewpoint on todays Gospel is the main difference between Catholics and other Christians. Catholics believe in the continuous bestowal of power from Peter to the present day pope, Pope Francis. The belief and ‘hierarchy’ in the Pope separates Catholics from other Christians.

In todays Gospel, Jesus gives Peter a new role- to be the very first Pope. The thing is, Peter had no idea what this role he was taking on, and what it meant. All he knew was that Christ just changed his name, and made him the foundation of the unshakable Catholic Church.

Jesus calls Peter into this ministry early on, and throughout his earthly mission grows Peter into this new and immense role. Throughout this ‘training’ time Jesus brings into reality Peters Faith, and helps grow his faith. Look, for example, at the Last Supper. Jesus tells Peter that he will deny him three times before the cock crows, and Peter says NEVER me Lord, I would rather die than deny you. Peter thinks that he has an immense and admira…

11 striking pictures of Pope Francis in Korea

Pope Francis had a packed schedule for his 5 day trip in Korea recently. I want to show you some of these events through 11 pictures which I have found, that really spoke to me. He really showed love and compassion, by taking selfies, hugging former forced sex slaves, and praying for people. Look at it below!

1) On the plane

     Pope Francis, on his way to Korea, asked for a moment of silence for the Italian Journalist who was killed in Gaza

2) The Car He used 
"...the pope left the airport in a compact black Kia that many South Koreans would consider too humble a vehicle for a globally powerful figure." Source

3) English! 
     Pope Francis Spoke English in his homily of the Closing Mass for the Asian Youth Day! Check out this video for to hear Francis speak english

4) Say Cheese, Your Holiness!  6) I'm Jealous! 
     Pope Francis eating lunch in Korea at a minor seminary

7) Religious Leaders- Pope Francis met with Korean Religious leaders
8) Baptism -Pope Francis Baptises Lee…

Thursday Think About

Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary PT 3

Develop a Prayer Habit
     Prayer is an important part to anyone's life. Through prayer we can converse with God, and allow God to reply to our petitions and praise. Praying to God, shows our intention and desire for a relationship with God. If you converse with anyone, you build a relationship. Be it a friendship, mutual friend, a future partnership, or a family. Every conversation shows that relationship. It is no different with God.

      We expect so much of God to always be hearing us and granting us whatever we want and when we want it, but then we can forget the true meaning of prayer. Prayer, like any conversation, is two way. We often express our needs, and expect God to listen, and end our prayer. God has something Interesting to say. Let him speak. Spend time in silence at the end of your prayer to let God speak to you.

    Sometime we remember to only pray when we experience some turmoil in our lives. And God can become like 911- we only call it when theirs an emergenc…

"Lord, Help Me... "

Today we are presented with a strange Gospel. We are given a different view of Jesus and his hesitation to heal the womens daughter. It is defiantly a different Gospel, but not without a meaning that can apply to us all.

      The women who came to Jesus a Canaanite women. She was a Gentile. Not long ago Jesus strictly sent the 12 apostles out and told them to go to, "the lost sheep of the house of Israel." So this was a little predicament that Jesus has gotten into. The Canaanite didn't believe that their was a saviour to come-especially from the line of David.  They had their own strange gods and worshipped many for different things. So in the situation of todays Gospel, Jesus could be caught doing something he told them not to do.

      Their is an idea about Jesus behaviour in todays Gospel: that he basically said, "No" once to increase the faith of the women. Isn't it strange in a first place that this Canaanite women, multiple god believer comes…

Thursday Think About

Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary Pt2

Read the Bible...Daily
      Do you love to read? Do you love to read the top selling book? What about the books filled with action, wisdom, humour, and adventure? Well I know a book that as it all. The protagonist is a 30 year old man living a life of holiness, faithfulness, and compassion. He does this by  flipping tables, raising people from the dead, healing their sickness, and feeding large crowds of people with bread and wine. However, this man comes to an unfortunate end by being brutally beaten, and getting hanged on a piece of wood. The protagonist, while he suffers, receives a crown for his kingship, but the crown he is given isn't one made of gold meant for royalty but rather one made of  thorns and mockery. This man is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 
      As over used as this tip can be on many blogs, reading the bible really cane make a difference in your life. We can read the God inspired history and the salvation of man through his son Jesus Christ. Through these events…

Thursday Think About

Making Ordinary Time A Little Less Ordinary!

Research A New Saint
     Sometimes we ( like me)  can become centred on one specific saint. I know I have on the three Archangels. But the fact is, there is hundreds, thousands, hundred thousands of saints out there, with each a new and interesting story.

      For a saint to become a saint they must not only be credited with  miracles, they must also have lived an admirable and exemplary life. They have to be good Role models of Faith. They must live out their calling while staying faithful to the church. We know of St John Vianney, whos feast day we celebrated yesterday. He was an extraordinary example of the priesthood, spending 18 hours in the confessional a day. He did have some humour, it is said that their was a petition, by the people of his rural parish, to have him leave the parish. The petition got into his hands and instead of getting mad, he  signed it himself!

      Then you have saints who came and did missionary work like St Jean Brebeuf who came to New France (Presen…

Making the Most of Nothing...

In today's materialistic society, the more we have the better we are off. We judge our success with the amount of belongs we gather up and the total worth of all those items. So when we have a little we judge ourselves as poor, or not has rich.  We define our success by the amount we can aquire and the amount of money we can accumulate through working.

     The disciples have this same image. They have 5000 men, ( we don;t know how many including women and children) and only five loaves of bread and two fish. In the eyes of the disciples they have nothing and that food is pointless for the crowd. But in the eyes of Jesus, they have plenty.

      Jesus takes their simple five loaves and two fish, blesses them and multiplies them. He supplies enough for everyone (with leftovers!) With this simple but amazing miracle Jesus takes the little they had and multiplies it and made it much more abundant.

(This blogpost is copyrighted by Pray To God Today- Permission must be given for any…