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Thursday Think About

Help Me Today, and Everyone I See

Father in heaven, you created everything, and everything is good. When you sent us to earth you never did promise things to be easy.  You said that we will have a challenge, you said we would have to work hard to do well with this life, so that we may come back to you in heaven.
Through those hard times you send us through,  through those bad days we have,  help us through them and help us to preach your word in those most stressful moments.
 Lord Help me today through the easy  and hard the stressful and calm,  the smart and the dumb 
May nothing to hard for me to handle come my way.
Bless all who come in my view of sight today stranger or friend, Enimie or family  and keep them close to your heart. Amen

A Christian Bloggers Prayer

Heavenly Father, It is through you I am able to live upon this earth. I Praise you almighty God, for all the GREAT things YOU do in My Life. Lord God, I Thank You for the chance to be able to Blog, To be able to spread YOUR word through out our community. 
I ask that you send me your blessing, of the Holy Spirit, To be filled with Knowledge,  Understanding,  Faith, and  Humility. 

I Thank You for:  fingers that type, Eyes that can see,  A mind that can think, A Loving God, that fills  me day after day with inspiration  To write about Your almighty glory!


Christian Unity

As, a brand new week starts, another one ends. That means last week as come to a close-The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  But, we are always encouraged to pray for Christian Unity all year long.  I was glad to see a week dedicated to the unity of Christians. Why? Because their is so much judgment and problems with all religions, and how things should be done ect. But the thing is we all worship the same God... We just call him several different things...
There is just so much trouble in between religions, I mean why can't we all get along?
In 1 Corinthians 12: 13 St Paul writes,
" For we were all baptized by ONE spirit. into ONE body-whether Jew or Greek, slave or free- and we were all given the ONE Spirit to drink."
I LOVE the words of St Paul. Not only in this passage but in most of the letters. St Paul, often reminds many people the unity we must have, the Love we must have for our neighbor and of those of other religions.
In this passage St Paul, says that we …

God Is our Parent.

My Parents Love Me.

What is the job of a parent?  We know that parents feed their children, buy clothes for their backs, buy food, give them a house to live in, help their child while they are sick, and is ALWAYS there for support and GREAT advice. 
Yesterday, I was doing my part of the Five Minute Friday, visiting and commenting the person who linked up before me. While I was at this persons blog, I was amazed at how they used the word again. Now, most of their post was a story, but at the end they said, " God's "Again" is an encouragement. Like the parent teaching the toddler to walk"  I personally had to stop and think. At how true that statement was.I hadn't stopped to think about it like that before. 

So, It made me think. I always  knew that God was our parent, and that he could gave us unfailing love. But then I began to look deeper into this: " How Is God My Parent?" It made me think for the rest of the day. When ever I would see my parents…

Five Minute Friday- Again

Today I am linking up and doing the 5 Minute Friday Challenge!  To Be Honest, I really don't know where i'm going with this post, so we will both go on a journey of a developing post. Please enjoy...








God Heals.

In our daily lives we, are often hurt. We either hurt our selves-by sin- or others hurt us. ( in multiple ways) We can often get caught up in sin, without even realizing it. We can often be hurting the other person, without even realizing it. 
But, no matter what, God heals. God will Heal YOU, and/or the Other Person! When we are hurt, and we need someone to comfort us, God is there. God is ready at our side, to help us, to heal us. Over and over Again. 
God will never stop healing us. For many reasons. He knows that we will be hurt, either spiritually or physically. Now, I'm not saying, we are all hurt at every moment of every day or that we are hurting someone every moment of everyda…

Thursday Think About