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For Those Preparing for Holy Week

This blog post is for everyone and anyone  who is in charge of preparing in anyway for the great masses next week. -----      A job of mine for the past couple of years has been to organize servers for holy week and train them for the services. Furthermore​ more, over the past couple of years I have set up the church for said masses and train more people. It is such a blessing and honour be entrusted with such roles and duties for my parish for the most sacred masses- I love it. As you may imagine there is a lot of work that goes into planning, organizing and carrying out these special masses, anyone who has in any way prepared or organised anything for holy week can attest to that fact.

     I often find that whenever I get deeply involved in the planning ( which is required for the careful planning and studying of the masses) I often become so fixated on every detail and worrying about them.  I become so fixated on the preparation and plans so as to make these liturgies as beautifu…