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The Example of Bartimaeus

As preparations were being made for my trip to El Salvador we were told of the cultural shock that we would experience. Upon multiple things we were told that their would be no hot water, that their is barbed wire everywhere, that the children loved stickers, and that it is a catholic country.  It was one thing to tell us about what will be to what actually happens. When we were told of these many things, they had a very small impact because it never really sunk in. It was only until we got to El Salvador that we began to feel nervous because of the barbed wire, upset that their was no cold water, and to see how truly happen the children were to receive stickers. It was only until the actual adventure that all these statements became alive and left a mark. 

    In a way as I was preparing for El Salvador I was a St Thomas. The reality of the situation hadn't come alive until I actually saw it.  It is not to say that I didn't believe these things but rather that they were…

Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Today, Canadians take the day to stop and be thankful for everything that we, as a nation and a citizen have been blessed with. Yesterday we heard the story of the rich man wanting to follow Jesus. However, he left disappointed because Jesus called him to give up his possessions. Thanksgiving is a time where we can be thankful for the things that we have, and to remember that the items and things we do have are used to bring us closer to God and eternal life. It reminds us that our relationships with family, friends, strangers and God are most important, and that the need for possessions must always come last. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you enjoy the day with family, friends and lots of fun! 

Letting It Go

Last weekend I had attended a vocations retreat for those discerning their vocation in life. One day at lunch I was sitting with the Jesuit priest who had been vocation director for the Jesuits in Canada for 16 years.  He had explained that the Jesuits, as part of their entry must go on a trip, with a one way ticket. Their ticket was either to their location, or back. However, they were not allowed to bring money and very little supplies. This trip could be anywhere in Canada or the United States. The point of this trip, the priest explained was to develop within the novices a reliance on the divine providence of God.

     In the gospel today from Mark, a man approaches Jesus wanting to know what it takes to attain eternal life. Jesus' answer begins with restating the well-known and strictly followed commandments given by God to Moses. Jesus quotes the part of the mosaic law that deals with ones' relationship with each other. Then Jesus continues to tell the man to leave…