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The Need To Be A Witness

The Acts of the apostles is a book within the bible that tells us about the structure, victories and struggles of the early Christian church. After Christ died, none of the apostles really knew what to do next, except hide. For weeks, they hid in fear, and became confused. But after his resurrection the disciples were commissioned by Jesus multiple times, to become witnesses for the faith. This commissioning was a necessity for the survival of the church, and it still is.

    Jesus had, for three years, trained twelve men what it meant to be Christian. He taught them a new way of living, one that did not include division, hatred or a system based on being self centred. Rather, Jesus instituted a lifestyle that is welcoming, kind, humble and based on sincere faith in God which is proven through actions. He spent his time on earth forming these men to become servant leaders, like he was, after he left. However, it was their fears of the unknown and their doubts of the truth of this…

Witness of the Resurrection

Exactly two week ago today, we gathered together with palms in our hands and welcomed Christ into the great city of Jerusalem saying, "Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!" Then we gathered on the following Thursday to celebrate the Lords Last Supper, in which he gave himself in the form of bread and wine for us to eat and drink. The very next day, we gathered and shouted again to Christ, however our joyful triumphant cheer was drowned in the sea of our hate filled roar, "Crucify Him." This roar crucified and killed Jesus. His death could have been the end. Everything could have stopped their. But it didn't. Jesus rose from the dead, saving us from our own sin.
    Today ends the Octave of Easter. For the last time today, the prayers spoken at Mass will be spoken in the language that Christ is risen today. For the next five weeks we will celebrate Easter and conclude it with celebration of Pentecost. During this time, we remember the …


What a week this has been! This week has truly been a Holy Week.  Below are some pictures from Holy Week at my Parish.