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New Years Resolution

Every year I make a new years resolution that, by the very next day I have seemed to break it. If, by the rare possibility, I do make it past the first day, I always break it by the end of the month. Obviously, I am not very committed to this resolution thing. However, one thing I like to do is a Good thing Jar.

     For some reason, this year on social media this idea has exploded. What you do is you take a jar, and keep it somewhere special. This jar is the 'good thing jar' ( or whatever you want to call it.) Whenever something good happens you write it on a thin piece of paper, fold it, and put it in the jar. Then on December 31st you open the jar and remind your self of all the good things that have happened to you.

      Back in October, for my series, "Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary" I wrote a blog post on this. You can check it out HERE... I might have added a bit more detail here.

      I have done this good thing jar for a view years and hav…

Faith Can Change a Family!

Depending on who you ask, the feast of the Holy Family, has been observed for nearly 100 years. Todays devotional feast day is one that we do not know much of. The body of this feast day comes from the accounts in the Gospels of the events that Mary, Joseph and Jesus are all together (which happens to be only before Jesus starts his public ministry) However, the Holy Family is a the perfect model for all families. It is the example that all families should look to for inspiration and guidance.

     The first reading today takes us back to our first father in faith, Abraham. God is promising Abram descendent has numerous has the stars in the skies- even though his wife, Sarah, is barren. It was Abram that was chosen to be the father of humanity. So throughout Genesis we are given multiple accounts of God testing Abraham's fidelity to him. Abraham faith gave birth to the plan of God- it was his faith that was necessary for the birth of humanity and fulfilment of Gods Plan. Abra…

The Poor Humble Shepherds

For Christmas Eve and Christmas day the church gives us four different options for readings and prayers. They are split up into different sections based on the time of the day. For instance, Christmas Day has 3 options: Mass at night, Mass at Dawn, and Mass during the day. The readings for the masses take us on the journey of that most holy evening. The Christmas Gospels begins with the ancestry of Christ going back to Abraham. Then on Christmas day we are following along the journey of the Shepherds. 

     On this very day we celebrate the coming of Christ into the world. We have prepared for the past four weeks for this very moment- the moment when Christ is born into the stable of our hearts. The very first people to see him were the shepherds- one of the most culturally devalued people of the time. They were uneducated, poor, and were classified as thieves. The humble, poor shepherds were chosen to adore the king. Not another king or rich person, not the Pharisees and sc…

There is a Change...

Today the church celebrates the third Sunday of Advent. We have made it past the half way point, and now there is a 'shift' in the season in two main and noticeable ways: firstly we have a shift in the style of readings, and secondly we light the rose coloured candle.  That is, today we celebrate Gaudete Sunday. The rose coloured, inspirational Sunday.

    The word, " Gaudete" translates, from Latin, to " Rejoice." This feast was named on the first word on the Introit, or entrance hymn for this Sunday. In Latin it is, " Gaudete in Domino semper" and in English the phrase is, " Rejoice in the Lord Always" It is this Sunday that we have the rose vestments, the purple is fading into pink and then into white. It is to be a sign for us to stay focused, for the Lord is coming soon.

    Just like lent, Advent is a time of penance, fasting, and giving, however it isn't stressed as much as the Lenten period. During both seasons (Lent an…

The Second Sunday of Advent

I am for certain that I would have been totally perplexed by the message of John the Baptist. He is the one, coming from a desert, telling us to make low the mountains and to fill the valleys and make straight out paths. If a man did that today, I am sure I would have thought he was crazy.

     However, John is a unique figure that is defiantly worth imitation. He wears a camel skins and a leather belt- nothing fancy, but rather poor, and non special. But it is the fact that John accepted this role from God.  The bible never includes his conception of the job, but surly it is worth notice. He accepted the responsibility of preparing the people for Christ to come. He made wanted all crooked paths straight and every hill levelled and every valley filled.

     We, the people that have lived after the first coming, have the same role has John. To prepare people for the second coming. Through our love, compassion, friendship, and evangilization, we can prepare people, to help them tur…

Thursday Think About