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Thursday Think About

Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary Announcement

I find that during the months of Ordinary time my Faith can become a little 'dull' because really  there isn't the exciting and faith rising events happening. Quite frankly, it seems to be a time where nothing special takes place, people don't have the same up-beet attitude like they did during Christmas and Easter, and it seems like the time in between becomes just another routine added into my life.

     I do believe that Christmas and Easter should be filled with a certain eagerness ( Thats the point. We are waiting for either the birth or resurrection of Christ)  But that shouldn't mean the time in between (Ordinary time) should just be the same boring old stuff...right?

     Well with this series I want to offer many things that can help make this Ordinary time a little less ordinary. I want to help lift the 'couch-potato' faith and give it a new eagerness, a new yearning  for Christ during Ordinary time. I want to get rid of this 'routine&#…

Finding Heaven on Earth

This weekend we continue with the teachings on the kingdom of God and Jesus preaches three more parables. Each of them share the same theme, however, they are all unique and presented in different ways. Remember that when Jesus taught in Parables he used imagery that was familiar to the people of that time: Treasures, pearls, and of course fishing.

     Parables point to something more. They are NOT to be taken  literally. They need to be dug into and to be understood by the heart and not the mind. They point to something deeper, something greater than they appear and so they often seem confusing to the mind. But when we look at them through the heart, and give them a personal meaning and connection then they begin to make sense.

     In the three different parables Jesus teaches, the fisher, the merchant and the person looking for treasure, each person as their goal in mind-to find the treasure, the best pearl and to catch the best fish. Each of these items brings these people h…

Thursday Think About

Every Seed becomes a Tree

Being a teacher for Sacramental prep, I feel that I have this extra responsibility to put forward an even greater effort in planning each class because I feel that I am planting the seeds of the faith. I know, that for some cases, it is the children first time attending religious classes, and so I want to make sure these seeds last- regardless how small that seed may be.
     In todays Gospel, one of the three parables Jesus acclaims to the crowed is the parable of the Mustard seed.  The smallest of the seed becomes the largest of trees. And in that tree birds take refuge. The smallest seed can become the largest seed. 
     Let this seed, the Mustard seed, represent our faith. We all have been given this seed. Whether it be by a family member, a friend, a teacher or a priest. We have been given these seeds, it is our choice if they sit there, we discard them or if we allow them to grow and become an immense tree. It is out of our own freewill if we allow this tree to grow. God is…

Thursday Think About

The Good Soil...

Theologically speaking, the short form of this Gospel is more accurate. Many Theologians and Scholars believe that the explanation of todays Gospel was added in at a later time by the evangelist who had written it.  Parables are stories that use what is familiar to explain something richer and steeped in meaning and purpose. Therefore, it doesn't just have one explanation to it- it as many! The meaning is defined by each individual person.

     Today, I want to offer how this reading speaks to me.

     I think todays Parable, told in the Gospel, is one of the more well known parables that people know. The sower plants the seeds onto a path, rocky ground, among thorns and finally some fell upon the good fruitful soil. Let the Sower represent Christ. For he is the initiator of life and our doings. Let the seed represent every word that comes from the mouth of God. Finally, let the type of soil that the seeds fall upon be us- the people that receive it.
     Each of the grounds …

Thursday Think About

Set Towards Christ

I can remember a couple of years ago I had gone to a day event run by some nuns. It usually at their house but this one time they had switched it to a church because of the number of people that were attending would not fit inside their house. Before the activities and prayer started I was talking to an older nun, introducing myself and talking with her. I told her that I wanted to become a priest and work within the diocese. After having a smile on her face and saying how nice it is to see a young person want to become a priest, she said to me, "What do you plan to do after you become a priest?"
     That was really the first time I had ever thought about it. I had really only thought up to the point of becoming a priest. I never thought about what would happen after I became a priest. I had only been motivated my entire life to that one goal: becoming a priest.
     After months of contemplating that idea, I came to the conclusion, " I am not going to decide tha…

Thursday Think About


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