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Jesus Family

Any form of a relationship- be it between a married couple, family, or friends- Obedience and loyalty is at the heart of the relationship.  The obedience of a married couple, made at their marriage, to stay loyal to one another in good times and bad. The obedience and loyalty of friends who can tell each other anything knowing that the other person won't go around and tell everyone else. The loyalty and obedience in a family to love, care, and to offered reconciliation when a problem has struck.  Regardless, obedience is needed for any relationship to grow.

     Jesus, in todays Gospel says beautifully, that after he has gone back to the father, "He will not leave you orphaned" This is reassuring. It may sound like just another line in the Gospel that leaves our thoughts without and second look. He will not leave you orphaned. He will not leave you orphaned. This entitles us a security-a security of family. We will not be orphaned but rather, we will be intertwined …


Sometimes,  I don't make the best of decisions. I let my mind replace the works of the heart. I was on the bus one day, and a woman came on scrambling through her purse, and wallet trying to find money to stay on the bus. After a block of not finding anything the women runs off the bus in frustration and disappointment.  Meanwhile, I was sitting on the bus watching her, without thinking that In my backpack I have multiple bus tickets. This happened over 3 weeks ago, and it still upsets me that I did not help that women.
In life we have the option to live either by the heart or by the head. The ‘heart people’ are the ones who can believe without seeing. They are the ones that find happiness in helping-in showing service to others. The ‘head people’ on the other hand, are those who need the tangible to believe. They need the physical proof.
Our Catholic goal is to live by the heart. However, it is not always easy, especially living in the world we live in today that screams at us the …

Don't be a baaaaaaaaaad Sheep

The Fourth Sunday of Easter has been termed “ Good Shepherd Sunday” In more recent years however, It has also been the day for universal prayer for vocations.  Instituted by Pope Paul VI, today it has been 51 years since it was instituted. For 51 years, and for a long time more, we will continue to ask God to send Labours into the harvest.
    Not only does todays Gospel call for us to engage in a unique relationship with God but it also given us comfort and peace. One of the most famous images of Jesus, I would argue, is the image of him carrying the lamb around his neck. Bring that one lamb back to safety. Traditionally, the shepherd would never travel in front of the sheep because sheep could travel off in any direction, and so, the shepherd traveling in the back, would be there help re-guide the sheep.
     Jesus instituted a relationship with you, me and all of us on the day that he died on the cross.  He went upon that cross and suffered greatly without having self-merit.…

Look Up

Just a video. A Reminder for life. 

On the Road...

I have only gone away from Canada once. That was to Orlando Florida twice. It was fun to travel, but other than that I haven't left Canada. It was a good time. The last time I went, near the end ( When I knew the way) I started to walk early in the morning to the townhouse, and walk around there and pray. To enjoy the experience, and the humid morning heat. 
    Those walks not only gave me time to pray, but they gave me the chance to relax-to enjoy the vacation instead of go go go. Florida, looked like a happier place. It had a more happier environment to it-everyone was enjoying it all. 
     We are fed, today, from the holy Gospel, by the story of the walk to Emmaus. While walking, Jesus appears along their journey-but they do not recognize him. Only until his central action of breaking of the bread do the recognize him. They were blinded, on their journey from knowing who this man was, but then they were amazed about all that Jesus has done. 
     We are all on a journey. …

Thursday Think About