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Fishers of Men

I have had the pleasure recently to start teaching again the First Penance and Eucharist at my Parish. It is always  a great time for me to know that I am laying the seeds of God in their heart and knowing that I am preparing them for a once-in-life-time event.  I love seeing the kids who are earnest to learn and who want to be there.

     In todays' Gospel, we are presented with an overview of Jesus life. Jesus does three distinctive things, that Matthew wraps up very quickly. He teaches, proclaims, and heals. These three unfold for us what we can expect from Jesus during his life time.  However, before he begins his own life and mission one thing had to happen- the Death of John the Baptist. John, we know, was the last of the Prophets and his main mission was to make sure people were finally ready for the King  to come. Jesus, therefore, couldn't start until the paths were made straight.

     Jesus mission on earth is the great light that has appeared in the darkness. In…

Lessons from John the Baptist

Today the Church celebrates the Second Sunday of Ordinary time, and it is the yesterday was the start of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Today, in the Gospel we hear again the account of Jesus birth... but from Johns point of view. During this weekend, ( and the rest of the year) we are being called to be a servant to Christ.

John the Baptist, in todays Gospel, does three (3) distinctive things: 1) He testifies on behalf of Christ, 2) He shows his commitment to God , and 3) he recognizes Christ when he came. All three things, that John does, can help us live a better and more faithful life.

           Firstly, He testifies on behalf of Christ. John the baptist, has proclaimed; made ready the path. He has            helped other prepare (which we heard during Advent) and now we hear his affirmation of Christ. His            message that Christ has come to be baptized.

           Secondly, John shows his complete commitment to God. This becomes evident has he baptizes so   …

Growing in Silence

In the present age we currently live in, silence is missing from our days. We are always getting distracted and surrounding our selves with noise. Computers, laptops, Ipads, smartphones ect are all taking us away from the much needed silence in our lives.

     Nature is silent. No plant  will make a sound while growing. It grows in pure silence with a great amount of time. Nature doesn't need flashing signs, and bells to get attention to grow-it needs time and patience. It needs no attention to grow- it becomes beautiful when it is done. A flower starts as a seed, and bursts through the seed to reach life. Then it makes it way to the sun, which offers it strength and food. Humans to, grow in silence. The beginning is silent, and when we enter into the reality of the world it is complete noise, noise, noise.  Everything grows in silence.

     In a similar way, our relationship with God must grow in silence. It will not grow, by going on the streets and shouting the good things …

Our True Identity: A Child of God

For many people, who were baptized as a baby, Baptism is one of the greatest celebrations of our life that we will not remember. The day we were marked with the seal of Jesus Christ, that is enduring for the rest of eternity. We have become permanently marked with the sign, that defines us as a son/daughter of God. It is up to us, the children of God, to continue the task that Jesus has started.

     How many identities do we have? We have a number of them which would mark us as a certain person. The Economy sees us as consumers and expects us to buy to make it grow. We have our country identity, which places many stereotypes upon us, of things we are suppose to like and dislike. We have our Cultural Identities. Our Entertainment identity, which sees us as simple spectators. Our jobs place another identity on us.  However nice our job is, or the stereotypes are they are not who we are. We have ONE ultimate identity; the one which we receive at baptism: A Child of God.

     To tru…

What is your star?

This year, in the church, we begin to hear the Gospel of St. Matthew. Left out in St Lukes' version, Matthew includes the rich text of visitation of the Wise men to the baby Jesus. Other known has the epiphany. Matthew is writing to a Jewish community whereas, his counter part, Luke is writing to a Gentile community. Matthew, in the story of the epiphany is trying to 'teach' his audience that the Son of Man came for everyone-including the Gentiles. How does Matthew accomplish this? By recording the story of the wise men,who are Gentiles themselves, visiting Jesus.

     Probably the most common image of Christmas is the star- which we get from today's Gospel reading. The wise men followed a star that lead to them to the place of Christ. It was their only guide to where ever Christ was.  They, under command, followed the star that lead them to a place the filled them with Great joy.

     We to have our own 'stars'. We all have a person, concept, idea, goal, p…

One word 2014


Again, for 2014, instead of picking a New Years Resolution I have picked one word that will focus my actions for this new and fresh year. By the third day of the new year, I usually have forgotten my resolution or have already broken it. Obviously, I am not one for new year resolutions. However, this one word thing, I think I can handle.

     Before I mention my new word, I want to talk about 2013's one word: Faith. With the Catholic church also celebrating the year of Faith, I thought it would also be great for me to, with the church, to celebrate a year of Faith. Well, this past year was very interesting and didn't go as I predicted.

     For my year of Faith I had stated many things that I would do to increase my Faith like: Do the 365 bible reading series, write "People Posts" (posts on Biblical people) and write posts on hebrews 11 and about Cain and Abel...To be completely truthful, I haven't done a single one.…