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Work for Your Food

In the second reading of this past weekends Second Reading , Paul simply tells us to work for our food. To work daily then we shall receive our daily food. St Paul, leading by example tells them to work for it even if you will get it for free. Always pay and work for your reward.

      This can easily be compared to the Eucharist. We receive the Eucharist  to sustain us, to refresh us, to be equipped. For what? For the works that are planned for us by the Lord Jesus. We can go and receive it every weekend, however, it is their to refresh and equip us, so it then becomes pointless if we do not put it into action.

 We must work to become better people, we must care for others as Christ cared. We must Love like Christ loved. We must share and be honest. We must help when help is needed.  We need to proclaim the Good News. WE must work-through and in our action, we must imitate Christ.

We must work for our food. We must work to be sustained, refreshed and equipped.

We must work for the Bod…

Sunday Gospel

As a child, about the third grade or so, I was always frightened of the word, "satan" When ever I had to say, or sing, it I would either say it really quietly or not say it at all. I had this fear and disgust for his name and refused to say it. It was a horrifying image that I had some how painted and was scared.  However as time moved on, I got okay with saying it-but still, I only say it when it's needed the most.

     Jesus paints us a terrifying image of the world today. He shares that wars, plaques and destruction to the temple will come. The world will face all sorts of harmful happenings but yet these will not be the end of the world. But before any of this happen the disciples them selves will be persecuted, and be faced with many hardships and trials.

    Why does Jesus mention this? Lukes' Gospel  was written around 80 AD, and one of the biggest events that took place during this time was the destruction of the temple. Jesus had lived, died and ascended…

Do you take time to Stop and Find God?

Yesterday and today, the Gospel readings have been recent ones that were proclaimed on the weekends. As Ordinary time comes to a closer, we begin to rehear some of these stories again and again. For instance today's Gospel is the story of the ten lepers.

     This reading is a perfect example of how good things can happen to us at any time. Yes, the beggars did ask, from a distance, for Jesus help, but did they really know they would become healed. Did they truly believe? Only one of the ten believed, because he went rejoicing, praising, and thanking the Lord for the healing. 
     How often do you, in your daily life, see the Good the lord has done? Are your eyes open;clean, to see that they come from the Lord? or do you expect these things to happen to you? Throughout our day Jesus is continually making good things happen. However, especially in the tough days, it becomes very difficult to see the things the Lord is doing. 

     We are surrounded by busy world. We are rece…

Remembrance Day

Let us Remember Those who have Gone Before Us

The Essential and Fundamental Choice: Do I choose God?

I am in an ongoing process of which courses to take. Which ones will help me more than others, and seeing what has more benefits than others. It a struggle, because if I don't take things this year, it limits to what I can take next year, and I want to leave doors open for the next while. I'm afraid, however, not taking the right things, and missing out on something that could potentially be helpful to me. Soon enough, I will have made my choice and stick with it.

     We are always surrounded by choices in life. What do I want to do in life? Where should I go today? Should I watch t.v even though I have work to do? Should I go shopping? And the list could continue. When we are surrounded by so many options and choices, we begin to separate between what I NEED and What I WANT.

     Really, there is one  essential choice we must make Do I believe in God? Do I choose God? Everything other choice is optional and a want. We must profess our Faith in Christ Jesus, and everythi…

Thursday Think About

'...And To Save The Lost"

Mysteriously, last year during the last three weeks of school I had lost a binder that held notes for two classes. Ironically enough, the binder I lost was for a class on how to stay organized.  I looked and looked all around for it-never found it. I prayed to St. Anthony many times-never found it.It was surly a goner. During the summer I never really forgot about the binder, it sat in the back of my mind.

     When school started again in September, I had let it go, that I would never again have those notes, and I forgot about. Out of the blue, however, on the third week back to school I was called to the office. Someone, that day, had found my binder and brought it to the office! Just like that. IT survived the three weeks gone, and then the two months away during the summer. WOW

     At the end of  this weekends gospel, Jesus shares with us a line that hasn't left my mind, "For the Son of Man came to seek out and to save the lost." Jesus often refers to himself, …