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Why Do We Compare Ourselves?

In this present age, we are surrounded by the increasing popular theme of comparing individuals to each other. We are captured into this theme, which leads us into comparing our selves to one another. We can often and will often compare our selves based upon, clothes, money, looks, and ways of life. This however, when done, can lead to hatred and separation of people. 
      In today's Gospel, this is exactly what the Pharisee does-compare. He sees himself as this wonderful Man, who follows all the rules and does all the norms. So, in his mind, he was free to judge that lying, misbehaving, and un-liked  tax collector. But in his prayer, he praises himself, he makes himself the focus, and everything that he has done...But what about God?
     Yes, it's great to be the one that follows all the rules and make sure we don't break any of them. But the biggest thing is admitting to it, when we don't. Look at the Tax collector, he knew he had done wrong, and he knew he w…

God Alone Suffices

Let nothing disturb you, Let nothing frighten you,All things are passing away:God never changes.  Patience obtains all things. Whoever has God lacks nothing;God alone suffices.

St. Teresa of Avila
     What do we rely on to be sustained? What do we need that we absolutely need to live? In our daily lives their is more around us that keeps us living more than we think of everyday. We know the basics: Water and Food, and arguably Vegetation, the Sun and other people..But what about the atmosphere that protects us from the Sun, or Gravity that keeps us from floating or the oxygen that keeps us breathing. Also, what about earths natural processes that keep vegetation and animals living?  Everything continues to work, and do it's scientific stuff; even if we don't know about it. 
     Majority of these natural processes are hidden and the ecological development of plants are hidden within the depth of the soil-so we begin to replace what is actually sustains us. For instance, our Pho…

Persistent Prayer

It's always funny, to see the persistence of a little kid trying to get a brightly colored toy, that looks amusing to him or her. Walking through stores, passing by the toy section, it is not a rare occasion seeing a kid ask their parents for a toy over and over again- or they end up just tossing it in the cart. The child will not let that toy go-they want it, and they are gonna get it.

     Many interpretations for this weekends first reading is that Moses, on the hill, was praying the prayer of intention. He was asking God for the victory of Joshua and the army he had. But often, throughout this long battle, Moses' arms begin to feel heavy and he began to feel the fatigue of holding his hands up. Whenever he did let his arms down, we are told, the Amalek would have the upper hand. (Pun not intended)

     Place yourself now, in the spot of Moses. Think that you are Moses and you come in prayer before God. The Battle that unfolds is the battle between your Faith and temp…

A Prayer....

Gracious, life giving, heavenly Father,

Thank You, for the love you supply us with abundantly every day. Thank You for the friends I have, and the gifts given to me. It is by your care, and love that we can have life, and have our being every day. We thank you for life, and the faith that has been planted within our hearts.

Father almighty, you call us, to strengthen us and to give us eternal happiness in life with you. You have called us Father, to share your Gospel to those whom do not know it. Not only in word, but by example. You alone are the ultimate source of strength, in who we turn to in struggle.

You have given us O Lord more than we ever need. You have supplied us abundantly, with affection and have equipped us all with gifts to use, and to share. You have equipped us with all that we need to proclaim your gospel to all peoples.

Through our Lord, Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever AMEN

Thanks Giving!

Today, all Canadians celebrate the wonderful day of Thanksgiving. God gives us so much in our daily lives, so it is only just that we stop for a day to say Thank You. As we gather every Sunday for Eucharist we joyfully say thank you! Thanking God for the sacrifice on the cross. For Eucharist-translated from Greek- simply means Thank You.

Especially since my One Word for 2013 is Faith, and since it means a lot to me.  This year I am thankful for My Faith. 
A lot has happened to me because of My Faith. I have been able to grow as a person, and as a family member of Gods Family and my own family. Through my Faith, I have been able to do new things in the Community, write this blog, and come to realize how awesome God is. 
To pray, our faith must be strong. Prayer is the direct connection between Person and God. When we pray we open ourselves to God, and allow God to work through us. We open the door of our heart, mind, and soul. Thus having more to be  thankful for.  Prayer is unique, an…

Accept, Care, and Help Everyone.

On the morning of their birthday, all a child can think of is the present that is wrapped waiting to be opened.  Before the child opens the gift and will quickly  thank the person and rip through the wrapping paper, and see whats inside. But once they open it and want to play with it, they forget who actually gave it to them. They Forgot whom it was. And when they get older, it might end up in their closet in a box, or in the basement. Will they forget to, when they open it up who gave it to them, and why? Probably.

     It would be interesting to know what happens after the nine go to the Priest. Do they return to Jesus? Do they come back? Do they continue with their lives? What happens? Would they be like a child, and forget Jesus? Or would they go back and praise him also? Did the Jews

     Looking at the Gospel, Luke writes that a Samaritan goes back. An enemy of the Jews. Out of all people a Samaritan comes and gives praise to God. After his cure, the Samaritan comes back an…

How Much is A Little?

When ever my family and I go to bulk barn, regardless if we go there in mind of one or two things. By the time we are done shopping there, we end up with 6, 7 or more different bags of spices, candy and/or nuts ect... So whenever I go for my favorite, sour gummy bears, MNM, or Gummy worms, I am told, "just a little bit" my first question back is, "How much, is a little?"

     I usually end up leaving there having put two big scoops, and end up costing the most. But I can never have to little- or else there is no point in buying it. But to much makes me sick. So how much is enough? How much is a little? 
     In today's second reading Saint Paul writes to timothy telling him, " Do not be ashamed of your witness to our Lord,"  Do not be afraid of your Faith in the Lord.  Saint Paul encourages Timothy, to not shy away from the Lord. Even though their will be times that you get persecuted, stay strong and do not lower your faith- even though the peop…

Whats Holding You Together?

This past summer I was a leader for the bible camp at my church. I also had taken photos during some of the other stations. One station, was the Snack Station that I went and took photos, debatably it was the messiest day in that station. They were creating little chapels out of graham crackers and Marshmallow fluff acting as the adhesive for holding it together. Sadly, some kids broke their crackers, and others ate theirs before they were finished.

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.
Colossians 1:17
      In our precious and delicate lives Jesus is the Marshmallow fluff that holds us together. He is the unity of all Christians and Catholics- The person we turn to for strength, help, and support. We count, that with our delicate lives, that Jesus will hold us up to be the chapel that stands firmly on the rock of Faith. 
     We are the church. It is the times when we feel extra-delicate, and we are rushed that we rely on Jesus more. We rely on strength, guida…