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9 Day Novena- Syria

I received an email from Pat from wondering if I would join her in saying a nine day novena to the Blessed Virgin praying for the Children and people in Syria. I said YES, and started to write this post. I am, however, a day late. So I will post the last two days.

     I would invite everyone who see these posts to please pray along with me, and the world!

Opening  Prayer Mary, you are Mother of Christ, and Mother of the Church.  You aided the beginnings of the Church by your prayer. You had complete adherence to the Father’s will, to His Son’s redemptive work and to every prompting of the Holy Spirit and you are the Church’s model of faith and charity.
We beg you to implore on our behalf with God the Father, with your Son Jesus Christ, and with the Holy Spirit to remove the threat of war by softening men’s hearts and by helping all people to live in charity and in love. Let violence be vanquished and peace prevail.
Day one Today sweet Mother, we bring you all the …

Prayer To Saint John The Baptist

O Heavenly God,  Whom sent John the Baptist into the troubled world,  to prepare it for the coming of your only Son.  Sent forth, for the conversion of  people, St John, made Jesus known through the pouring of the water. 
May we, taught by the example of St.John,  O, Gracious God,  May we be strengthen to proclaim the Good News of Your Son. 
May we be ready O Lord,  for your almighty coming.  May our Hearts be cleaned,  The mountains leveled, the Valleys Filled,  and the paths made straight. 
Saint John the Baptist Pray For us! 

We Love because God First Loved Us- Saint Monicas Feast Day

We love because he [God] first loved us. 1 John 4:19
     We can love others, because God Loved us. Filled with this amazing Love, which was out poured, we spread it to others. We knew the greatness of this Love, and so we wanted to share it. God Loves us unconditionally. I wrote a post about Love before. But know that we are Loved, how can we love others? 
     Loving others is an action; A verb. It is something we are meant to do. To make sure others feel the satisfaction that we have felt.  It is spreading the feeling of being wanted and being taken care of. Sharing the tenderness, by doing simple or complex actions. 
     Love is given to us; We choose to accept it or reject it. It is passed from two people: God and Our Guardians.God never fails to love. Look in our daily lives, all the wonders and actions he does for us. All because he Loves us. He wants us to come openly into his arms of Love, forgiveness and satisfaction. Our Guardians, the ones whom look after us, and take afte…

How are You Growing- Sunday Readings

All my life I have been striving to become a better person. I have been striving to help others in as many ways as I can. I grow, every time something happens good or bad. The challenging part is looking at the Good in every situation. I was at a week long retreat this past week, and met some incredible people. This one girl I had met, and lost her voice. She told me this, " having a weak voice helps me to listen more effectively, rather than speaking before thinking about what i want to say" Great isn't it? It is in meeting new people I am able to grow-that my striving can get filled.

    Jesus in today's Gospel is telling us to Strive to enter through the narrow gate. Difficult to say the least filled with faith testing experience. Just like my strive to become a better person; we must strive for the narrow gate. Strive for the harder gate. Why? Well the writer of the Hebrews offers a plausible answer, 'Whom the Lord Loves he Disciplines'  The narrownes…

Thursday Think About

Giving Thanks: Do You?

Mentioned in many other posts, I have explained the importance of Prayer everyday.  Prayer is truly the heart of a Christian Life. It takes courage, and a humble heart to ask God to forgive us over and over. It is in prayer that we go before Jesus and share our troubles, worries, and blessings.

     What do most young children think about on her/his Birthday or Christmas? THE PRESENTS! They are so often focused on the presents that they will be opening. They guess quickly of what could be inside, as their excitement builds up they can't wait to tear the wrapping and see whats inside. Filled with excitement and have given up on guessing , they are quick to say Thank you, and then open up the present.

     Like a child, we often do the same thing with God, during prayer. We are often quick in thanking God for what he has given us, and move quickly onto asking God for whatever we want in our day. Quickly pushing aside the thanking, and welcoming the asking side.

     I LOVE seei…

Are You Ignited with Fire?

Not Literally.

      What a frightful and depressing image we are given from this weekends readings... but thats only at first glance. In the Gospel, Jesus is sounding like the God of the Old Testament. The one that will destroy the world for the evil in it. Certainly not sounding like the God of the New Testament who is there to save the world and all who believe in God.
     Jesus tells us, with great emotion on how he wishes this world would be on fire. That it was already ignited with fire, and that it would be burning. When we look at it literally we get a terrifying and destroying image, but that is exactly why we can't look at it 100% literal, we must look at it with more of a contextual/ interpretation look.
     In Luke 3: 16 we hear John the Baptist proclaiming “I baptize you with water, but he who is mightier than I is coming, the strap of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire." John shares with us that this …

Thursday Think About

Why wouldn't the Shrimp share his treasure?

He was a little Shellfish tehehehe

"For where your treasure is,  there also will your heart be" Luke 12: 34

My family, definitely would say that I have a great stock of different nick-nacks in my room. (Depending who you ask) But they really wouldn't be wrong. I collect so many different 'Nick-Nacks' as they call it. My room is filled with different religious stuff from Saint statues to different unique gifts I've been given. (I am not one to throw away gifts people give me... Only if it really shows age and can't be used... Other than that I keep it) I always seem to amaze the kids that I teach about how many prayer tables I have... (4 or 5) But I STRESS that we only need ONE.

You could say-if you had to- that those 'nick-nacks' are my treasure.
Jesus, in this passage is concluding his 'theme' with storing up things in heaven.For the earth is temporary, but heaven is eternal. So Jesus tells us to store up what is eternal not whats temporary. F…

Sunday Readings

This weekend the church celebrates the 19 Sunday of Ordinary Time. We come awaiting the unknown hour, in Faith, In anticipation of the day the Master will come.

      I SUCK at timing things. I am known as a pretty good cook in my family, and the one thing, I still long to conquer is the challenge of making sure everything is done on time. I go with the ambition- and usually  end in disappointment. The roast will be done at one time, the potatoes 15 minutes later, and the vegetables- whom never want to boil on time- are done much much later.

      In today's Gospel-one of my favorites- Jesus tells us to BE READY for we DO NOT KNOW the time or place when the Son of Man will come. It is better for us in many ways not to know-but to always be alert and ready.

This leads up to the figurative speech Jesus gives:

"Who, then, is the faithful and prudent steward
 whom the master will put in charge of his servants
to distribute the food allowance at the proper time?
Blessed is that s…

Thursday Think About

I Shall Not Want

We live in a world of me, me, me, and a world of want, want, want. It is where we go and get what we need, and minding our own business. Carrying about our selves, and doing what we have to for ourselves. We go and get what we want; because we never have enough. We always want more and more, and more!

"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures..." Psalm 23: 1-2
 I shall not want....

I shall not want....

I shall not want....

Living a life dedicated to Jesus is.... Pretty hard. When we pray and ask that God's will be done in our life, why do we think only in our actions? That is not enough! When we ask Jesus to come into our lives, we must completely give up our selves, and welcome him in. Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit all become is; Our thoughts must be like Christ, our Actions, Our Temple of the Holy Spirit ( Our bodies) everything we are, we must give up to the Lord. We MUST give up the I want, I want way of thinking and think I give…

The Transfiguration of Christ

What are marvelous celebration we celebrate today! The wonderful and exciting Transfiguration of Christ! Christ shinning brighter than the sun, changed into the appearance of an angel, and started talking with the most important people of those days: Moses and Elijah.

     Bringing with him Peter, James and John, Jesus heads up the Mountain, and is transfigured into himself-his divine self. He traveled up the mountain, with the three main disciples, to show them who he really is. Up to this point everyone is still confused. And so Jesus shows himself as whom he was in Heaven-the King of Kings. Showing also, that he is the fulfillment of the Law. That he is God's Son, whom was sent to bring those whom love him home.

     Moses and Elijah, seated to his right and to his left. Both divine, with Jesus shinning brighter than day. Showing the connection, between past and present. Fulfilling what he said, That he came here to fulfill the law not abolish it.

     Showing, then that Je…

Sunday Readings- Store up what matters to God!

Store up for what is in Heaven, for you are not of this earth! That basically is the main message in this weekends readings. On the 18th Sunday of Ordinary time, we are called to let go of our greed, and focus on the things of the Heavenly Father.

     There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with planning for the future, making sure you are prepared. We have to after all, if we want to do well. We must plan so we know where to go, and what we wish to do. But the future can be so misleading; Surprising always giving us something new. So it becomes almost impossible to fully plan.

     Look at the parable in todays Gospel. The farmer, has grown enough to take care of himself for the rest of his life. That is fine. He planned in case there is bad weather, or if something doesn't go right. But he was so focused and determined to store it up. And he wanted it that way, he was going to build a bigger barn. The trouble was that he was so caught up in gathering enough food for the future h…

Five Minute Friday- Story


     History is made up of stories, facts and fiction. Stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Filled with the intense adventure of heroic people and maybe not so heroic people making today what it is. 
     I always love hearing stories from my Grandparents about their life, and their amazing journey to Canada from Portugal. It makes our family grow in Love, and in trust. Even though my Grandpa tells the same story over and over, I listen closely, it's so interesting listening to the story over and over, and possibly change a little every time. 
Just like the bible....
    The Bible is a great big book of stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Through the years the parents tell, and the children listen, possibly changing it each time or leaving something out due to the inconstant memory. Until someone was smart enough to write it down. And after many translations (at times very bad) we have the wonderful library of the Wor…