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Sunday Readings- Thirteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time

This weekend the church celebrates the Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Yesterday,  we celebrated the feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, the one whom spread our faith. They went, and proclaimed the word of God to others, working miracles and wondrous signs to call people to conversion to Christianity.

     We are faced with the temptation to look back often. Like a child often is when passing by a toy in the he wants. Or looking behind their parents to see the person that was just staring at them also. A child looks back, either in curiosity, fun or for the coolest toy on the shelf.

     When Jesus had said, "Follow me" to a person, they replied, "Lord, let me go first and bury my father.” and Jesus Simply answers. "Let the dead bury their dead. But you, go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” Jesus tells him, don't look at what was, and look at what is -the new life in Christ. With the soft, but comforting words of Follow me, we are to start a new life i…

Thursday Think About

Faith In God

My One Word for 2013 is Faith.  Faith has such a deep meaning to me, connected to prayer, we must strive and work to continue to have Faith in Christ. I have not, necessarily,  have been following the things I had hoped to do, in my 'Year of Faith.' I haven't done the People posts, I haven't read the bible for the 365 bible reading since February... I haven't done much. I imagine, and soon hope to start these things!
    The writer of the Hebrews- most likely St.Paul but not certain who it is- tells us that "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." (Hebrews 11: 1)  My question then is what do we hope for? What are we certain of what we do not see?   

    When we pray, we hope that in our communication, God hears every word that we say. We hope that God will answer our prayer. Our Prayer of Faith. The best example of Faith, is praying. It fits the writers definition of faith. We hope that God is listening, and we ar…

Sunday Readings

This Weekend the church celebrates the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time. We have now moves from the time of Pentecost to the time of Ordinary Time. We are now hearing the writing of St.Luke, in the way which we think they were written in. Saint Luke, writing to Jewish-Christians, and Believers in Jesus Christ, is also called the 'Woman's Gospel.'  He mentions women more often then the others, and focuses on their actions.

God had one son on earth without sin, but never one without suffering.
Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine is famous for many things, one thing he is most common for is his work on the sacraments. Coming near the end of the founding fathers-in the middle of the conflict-  after getting consecrated has a bishop worked much on the development on the sacraments and the problems facing the theology of the sacraments. 
    Christ, taking off his royal robes of heaven, came to earth and became a human. He became on of us. He shared in our joy, our pain and our emotion…

Thursday Think About

Sunday Readings

This is the Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time. The Connection is very easily spotted-between the first reading and Gospel. It is simply Forgiveness. We all need it, and we all should give it. Even though it's the big picture of the readings, I want to look at the smaller details-the things that make up the Gospel and readings.

     Simply by the sins of the woman, she was judged by everyone gathered to enjoy the dinner- all except Jesus. I have mentioned before, but still very equivalent to this reading, Within the days of Jesus- The First century- Men sat at there own table to eat, Women and children all at another table most likely in a different room as well. So there we have the Pharisees and teachers  all sitting at the same table with Jesus. When a rabbi or Pharisee invited someone to dinner with them it means they were equal. It means they all saw each other equal. It means they have the same profession, So they saw Jesus has their own, but after this reading they lower…

Five Minute Friday- Listen


This week the word prompt  is listen.

I think a lot of us like to talk and talk and talk and we do not let him speak. We can go on and on then when we feel like it we take off without even letting him say a word. We just talk about our problems, our day and we don't let him talk. Everyone wants a chance to talk especially him. He  wants a turn to talk to you, He has great advice with any situation that you bring up.

Sounds strange?

Well we all do it. We all cut off God from speaking. God LONGS to talk to us once we voice our selves in prayer. We hope that God is listening, but we don't listen after. I have often amazed kids that I teach by telling them that God will talk with them, if they carefully listen. We are all Good and talking during prayer but what about listening? It is a conversation after all. One Person talks then the other responds.

God is wanting to talk to us daily, every time we call on his name, he is awaiting for us to stop and listen. A True prayer is wh…

Thursday Think About

Short Prayer for During The Day

My God, I need you,  Today, Tomorrow, and Forever. I cannot face this day without your Love and Forgiveness Father.

Sunday Readings- Back to Life

This weekend the Church celebrates the Tenth Sunday of Ordinary Time. Within the readings there is a common theme within the readings.The same process happens with the first reading and the Gospel. All connecting and foreshadowing to what will happen to Jesus and what has happened with Adam. It's a simple but yet repetitive action that happens. First the person dies, then are raised back to life, then offered to the mother (family) and finally belief.

     First they take or they see the dead. Notice that it's with a crowd of people- In the First reading Elijah visiting Zarephath of Sidon to the house of a widow and in the Gospel with a large crowd behind him and in front of him. Both to prove the power of God. Yes, both sons later died again- but they had died in at this point in their lives to prove Gods Amazing Love and power.

     We are taken into the action of being raised again. In the first reading Elijah, asks God to breathe the breath of life within the boy. Reme…

Prayer Request

There asn't been to many this past few weeks, but nevertheless they are all important and need our intentions and our  prayers to make things better. It has been a while since I have done this post, but all these still need our prayers and thoughts.

These past few week intentions are:

For Those preparing to write ExamsFor All BloggersFor the Families in Boston and ChinaFor all the poor people in the world For those who are Sick and DyingFor those whom are denied Human RightsFor World PeaceFor Those whom are surrounded by evil in their lives
Let us Pray:
Father of Heaven and Earth, How Great you are! You have blessed us with so many things in life,  so that we may have life. 
My God,  I Pray for the world. That you may send your spirit of:  comfort and hope, healing and sharing, happiness and non-violence.
I pray, in your name, O God, That you may send Saint Michael the Archangel,  upon each of us, to defend us and protect us from all evil. I also pray for all those still suffering from a loss of…

All Who do Good

Don't you get such a great feeling once you do something good? Their can never be any good feeling in doing something wrong or evil. It always feels good to do something good for one another. Living out or mission on earth-being kind to as many people as possible- is what we need more and more of in this world today. 

    Do you know what this world needs more of? Peace, sharing, and kindness. Yes, it may be a 'fairy tale' dream -sadly- but it's something if we all try and pray we can make a difference. There is so much things we can be doing better in this world. But yet we quickly chose to go an not make peace, think of our selves instead of focusing on others. 
    By being good people and how we live our life if what grants us into Gods kingdom. We are ALL Gods people. Everyone. But just like the pope said, it's the Blood of Christ that we share that makes us 'first class' We who share in the Blood of Christ- In which we are stained by- is what co…

Corpus Christi

Isn't it nice, having enough food to eat. Knowing that there is food for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner? It's always better to be filled with energy, and being able to do so much with a full stomach. Food, as we all know is an essential to be healthy, and be happy.
     I would believe that shopping at a store would be the main supply of food for so many. (Sadly, the prices keep going up) but during the spring and summer this is the exact opposite of my grandparents. Ever since they moved into the house they live in now (many years ago) they have planted a huge garden in there backyard. Some years it supplies wonderfully- Enough to make a great dinner. And other years not so great- weather is dry or even to much rain.

    This weekend we celebrate the wonderful feast of Corpus Christi. Yesterday, I had gone to a diocesan gathering Mass to serve. During the bishops homily I learned something new. Within the three years of the church-A, B, C- all have a different theme behind…