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Thursday Think about

Sunday Readings

Jesus said to his disciples: "I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now.
But when he comes, the Spirit of truth, he will guide you to all truth. John 16:12-15
      This weekend we celebrate the GREAT feast of the Most Holy Trinity. One but three persons- God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. We are nothing without them and Mighty with all three. Through the love of the Father, and The Son was formed the holy Spirit. 
      Isn't it nice to know the truth, instead of being told lie after lie. We would ALL rather hear the truth than the sugar-coated truth. But yet, so many do, and so many listen to the sugary sweet, truth.We all prefer though, the sweetness of the convenient sugar coated lies, rather then the inconvenient Truth. Regardless of the lie or Truth we must seek the truth. But who is the truth and what is truth?  When we pray, what does that mean? It means we know, and believe that God is there listening to every word that comes out from the t…

Five Minute Friday- View

Each minute, hour, and day can all be determined about how we view it. It is all how we want to see the day. We can focus on the good, or we can focus on the bad. WE can look for the good in the day or the bad parts of the day... We can focus on the good people in our lives or look at how bad that one person was today. 
We control how our day is. It's all through the view. It's all how we look at things. We all have the decision to view things in the way we want things to be viewed. But we should look beyond the bad and search fro the good. God does this to us. We pray and hope that he looks beyond our sins, and looks at our true and self heart. 
I can't put this word view good enough. Not close to has how David Foster Wallace put it in a speech called, " This is Water" It had recently gone viral over the internet with the famous video produced by the gallery.  If you haven't seen it it's quite the inspirational thing to see. I have it below. I…

Fish In the Sea

You are a small little fish swimming in the ocean. You have it easy going with current, and taking it easy... Just like everyone else. Then you see one fish going against the current. Then you decided to go along with that fish. But then you see that it's harder to go against the current since all odds are pushing against you. But you remain. You don't turn back and continue swimming. Over time it becomes easier to swim against the current because you have built up strength and got use to it...
     This is what we must do with our Faith. We must go against what society tells us and go against the current. We must live without fear, and be able to go against the current and swim freely the other way. We, however, cannot go the other way, by ourselves. We need God. We shouldn't ask God to make the pain go away, but rather, ask God to give us strength to be able to swim the other way. 

     I have been reading a book lately called, "When God Prays" by Skip Heitz…

Thursday Think About

Prayer For Oklahoma

Father, We ask that in your most gracious Love,  You may send Protection, and Help Strength and Peace;  Courage and Comfort  To all of those within Oklahoma  as they move forward. 
Loving Jesus,  Please be with those whom have lost a Loved one in this tornado,We pray, O gracious Father, Please bring Comfort to these families.
Let your Love and Comfort be felt.  Let those struggling feel your support.  May those whom are lost find you!

Sunday Readings

This weekend we receive the Spirit of God through the word of God. We draw the Easter Season  to a close! The Light of Easter burns out, and we move into Ordinary time. It is time, for us to gather, to celebrate the Wonderful Feast of Pentecost. 

Just so everyone knows, because there are many option for this weekends readings, The Second reading will be from Romans 8: 8-17 and the Gospel will be John 20: 19-23.

We are sent. We are sent into the world with the Holy Spirit. We are told in today's First Reading, when the disciples and some women receive the Holy Spirit in a Gust of Wind. They then can speak in different languages to preach. They are filled with the Passion to preach. 
And so we need the Fire. To get the boost to do what God wants. All our fires are kept to a minimum because of the Society we live in. We can't even say, "Merry Christmas" in the time of Christmas because it may offend certain people. So with these rules, our fires are kept to little flam…

A Morning Prayer

Father, Today, I am again able to live, Through your love, you woke me up this morning.  To continue to share your Love, and Forgiveness. 
Lord Jesus we ask,  that in your name, you may be with us this day, So that,  In everything we do, We may do it for your Glory. 
Loving God,  Bless this day and make it holy, Let your love be found in my day, and may it be from the rising of the sun to it's setting, We may give you glory. 

Something New

Someone had recently given me an Ipod. It is an awesome gift which I'm always on, checking my messages, my fb, my twitter, or you may catch me playing a game of Paper Toss 2 every know and then. But needless to say it's a pretty cool item to have.

I must say having this Ipod is very convenient at times when I need to message a friend, or my parents. It is always useful for when I get bored. But at times it's also been bad, it has been distracting me from doing homework, or other important things.  I'm always checking my messages making sure there are none, or to busy responding to my friends.

God wants the same thing. God wants us to check his messages. Not through all these new technologies, or Ipods but through the course of our day. He sends these messages in our lives, to make our day better, to waken us up, to make us realize this or that. But, they don't come with and vibrate or noise when they happen. They are hidden. And it's our job to find them.

God is…

Five Minute Friday- Comfort

Linking up and doing the Five Minute Friday challenge


I think the word it's self just brings, peace, calmness and security once we hear it. It's such a great joy to experience a parents comfort. When we are lost, angry, upset, disappointed or sad it's always good to have a person there to comfort you.

God does the exact thing for us.

He is the loving parent that offers us comfort. He is always there to listen to us, and let us speak at any time during the day. He waits for us to open up and come to him.

When God, sees that we need comfort because we are sad, in pain, or going through struggles, he will send special people or make things happen to make sure that we are at comfort. He wants us to be at ease with our selves and with everyone around us.

God wants to comfort us.

We just have to open up and let him.

He is there! Ready to listen. The BEST Teacher, Councilor, brother, father and SO MUCH MORE.


It was awesome to do this again! I'm starting everything up…

April A-Z Challenge-Reflection

End is indeed for Reflection

This challenge was certainly something unique! And I defiantly like something that is unique!

I was happy I actually finished this year. I had more or less a plan this year. I was going to keep it Short and Simple and I was defiantly going to schedule posts a head. Which both worked out has planned. Yes there was a few nights I stood up a little longer to make sure they were written, regardless it was finished

It was one March afternoon, and I was wandering the Web. Then I thought I would do my unofficially random but yet some how convent stop at the April A-Z website. When I clicked their page on Google  the first thing I saw, when there page loaded was the sigh up list! And it was new to! I said to my self," OMG I forgot about the challenge!!!" Then I made my self sign up without a plan or anything.

When I signed up I was number 30 on the list. That number turned to 28 and I have rested there ever since. I was happy to be one of the first 50. Th…

Not Seen Yet Believe

Jesus told him, 'Because you have seen me, you have believed;  blessed are those whom have not seen and yet have believed'
John 20:29
Ready on Christmas Eve, A child, waiting for it's gift. Guessing whats going to be inside each gift. Then finally someone tells them, and the child takes a gasp, takes a moment to realize that it is indeed is in there and continues on. Believing that inside that gift is indeed what they were just told. 

I think it is a common thing for most children to believe that Chocolate milk comes from White and brown cows, and white milk comes from white and black cows. They come to think it's true  because in their head it makes since. But they 'know it' without ever seeing a brown cow produce chocolate milk. 
Thomas however, does the exact opposite. He refuses to believe. He NEEDS to physically open the present to believe the person. He physically needs to milk a brown cow to believe it produces chocolate milk. He was to stubborn to believe…

Pray For Fridays

During the month of April, I started a new page of Prayer Requests!!! I was SOOO Happy to open it up and have everyone offer their Prayer Requests! I thought it was kind of appropriate for a prayer blog to have a Prayer Request page.

I have had a good response for the first Month of April. I got quite a few emails from people! I was so happy, that now I was able to help make a difference, in a small but powerful way!

I am now going to start something new. Every  Second Friday I am going to post a post asking for you guys to pray for the past two weeks prayers. I will list all the intentions, and I will have written a little prayer to go along with it!

With these posts I hope that you will pray for these people and ask that God may be with them and hear their prayer. For when we all pray, and ask for something, GOD WILL LISTEN! God will hear!

My challenge to you: Come back every 2 Friday and Pray for those mentioned in the post!!!

Please Pray for these peoples needs:

For Those looking a…

Y is for You and Z is for Zeal

Y is indeed for You

Christ came and helped. He healed the lepers, made the blind see, raised people from death to life and so much more. Christ did the work of his father. He was there to do work. He came and did his thing... To preach. To Show. To show that their is one true God, who is the source of everything.

Jesus showed us the Fathers, love. He showed us the Love, of the Father. He showed how much God loves us and what he will do for each of us. He showed the Fathers forgiveness. He showed us how we must live, and how to be with others.

Then the work was given to his disciples. And the disciples did their work, converting Gentiles and Pagans. They spread the word of God. They continued the work of Jesus and brought it to all ends of the world.

Know it's your turn. Like a child, that wants to share what they learned at school, so we must share the Fathers message. We must be eager to tell.. No fear, Not being shy, Not worrying of the consequences. Just preach the word of God.…