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Thursday Think About!

Drink The Drink I Have

" Can you drink the cup that I am going to drink? " Matthew 20:22
We all Drink. 
We do it every Sunday when we consume Blood of Christ. 
Okay, maybe it's doesn't technically count has drinking.

     And okay, maybe Jesus wasn't talking about drinking his blood as well. Jesus in this simple question is referring to the cup of suffering and his service to God. What loyalty he has.What a perfect example to set for us. Jesus had such Faith and Loyalty to God, He drank from the cup of suffering... Even though he didn't want to go through it ( Luke 22:39-46)

True Happiness

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled."
Matthew 5:6
We have all heard this line from Jesus preaching on the mountain. Jesus starts off his preaching with sharing what has become the 8 beatitudes. In most bibles, the title under this section is called, " True happiness" Or something along those lines. Usually with the word happiness. Why? The Latin word, 'beatitudo' which literally means Happiness. 
I'm not sure about other people, but I have always wondered what it meant by 'Righteousness' The base word righteous means (according to my bible dictionary) Doing what is right; Without sin.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for doing right; they will be filled.
That leaves the door open for what is right? How do we know whats right? 
So instead of doing right it should be:
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst to do what God wants; for they will be filled!
This great list Jesus gives us is the key to tru…

God's Covenant

This weekend we heard from Genesis, The Philippians and from Luke.

In Genesis, God is speaking to Abram. God formed the covenant then and their that he would have to keep... forever. God starts off by calling Abram. Abram listens and so, God calls him to go out side and count the stars. ( interesting) Every single star. God promises that he will have that many descendants! (Thats a lot) 
But, why would Abram care about descendants. He WANTS children now, not in a thousand years... (well he is already pretty old)  God promises this simple because Sarai couldn't have children. So God was making Abram put his faith in God that he will have that many descendants. 
Jesus is the assurance of this covenant. He brings us a new sign. The Body and Blood of Christ which we experience at mass from The Last supper. 
Jesus choose 3 disciples. Peter, John and James to come and experience Jesus Divinity. While on earth, Jesus did show several times that he was divinity to- not just human. Peter, J…

Here I Am Lord!

Do NOT Be afraid to follow Gods Plan! Being willing and happy. Open and excited  It will not be something you regret! For God is Great! He is calling us! Are you ready to answer? 
God is calling us all. It's your choice to say yes or no. He gave us the free will of saying yes or no. He wants to see how loyal you are to him. He is calling you every moment of every day. He wants to work within you! He will do Great Things! 

Thursday Think About

Seek God: Today, Tomorrow,Forever.

Often then none, we seek God for ten minutes, an hour,a day, how ever long, but when that time is up we return to our old selves. We often don't try to seek God throughout the rest of the day, or the next day. And if we do, it usually only happens for one day, and then the next day it fades away.

Seeking God is healthy.

Healthy for our spiritual life that is.

We  need to seek God in everything we do. Not just at that retreat, not just during Prayer. We have to always seek God. God Is in everything and is everything. God makes SOOO MANY things happen in our day, we don't even realize. It's usually those things that we call, "Coincidence" God works magically with in our lives, yet we don't even realize it.

Seeking God, in the most hardest of times is well, hard. Because we are so stressed or focused on one thing, we can't focus our selves on God. Not giving him the respect, and credit that he deserves. God, works in many ways. And it takes FAITH to see them…

Here I am Lord- Prayer

Here I am Lord, Ready To do your will. I have heard you calling, day and night. 
Here I am Lord. May it be through,  The gift of the Holy Spirit,  That I, Your servant  May be guided to do your will,  every moment of everyday.
Here I am Lord. May, you never abandon me, O God, Bless, me and guide me, on this journey of Life.

Temptation Of Jesus

"The devil said to him,  " If your the Son Of God, Tell this stone to become Bread" Jesus Answered, " It is written: 'Man Does not Eat Bread Alone' " Luke 4 :3-4
As, a child, I was scared of this reading. I would refuse to read it or even look at it. I had never said the word, " Devil or Satan" has a kid. I was to scared to say them. I only wanted to focus on Jesus, and everything to do with him. And nothing to do with the devil.  I was so scared of the devil, when I was 4-6 years old, I always faced one way when I went to sleep. My bed as always been against the wall. I would always face the wall. The wall was the side of Jesus, and the open space was the 'devils' area.
Strange, I know.
But now, I could care less, on which side I face when I sleep, or if I read the story or not.  Jesus supply's our daily Bread. He is the one, who, promised to take care of us. He would supply our daily bread. Our daily needs. He, however, would not su…

Five Minute Friday- Beloved

Today, (like all Fridays) I'm linking up and doing the 5 Minute Challenge.


"And a voice came from heaven saying, 'This is my Beloved Son;  in whom I am well pleased" Matthew 3: 17

This passage comes from the baptism of Jesus. Through the waters of baptism Jesus was filled with the Spirit, and became known as the Son of God. Now, Jesus of course didn't need to be baptized  He is already filled with the Holy Spirit, and was already Gods Son and he knew it. But he did get baptized to set us an example. That, before our mission, we must offer our selves; our lives to God.
Lent is a time, in which we reflect on our lives, and do something that will change our lives. If it's giving something up, or making an effort to visit family. Regardless of what we do, it doesn't have to big, as long as we, change and are doing everything in the name of God. 

During Lent we are called to do three things: Pray, Fast, And Give Alms. Jesus certainly did all of this, after bein…


"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth."
1 Cor 13:4-6

Today is Valentines day. For most people it's a romantic day. And For I, It's another Thursday. Well, maybe not just another Thursday, maybe I will pray more or show God how much I love him. God, is our great parent who loves us very much. Now, this line may sound Familiar from THIS POST OR THIS POST . It's all True though. God is Our Parent, and shows us unconditional Love. God Loves us and So I think it's only a little fair that we give him some love back as well.

May Your Valentines Day be filled with Great Love, and Joy!

Lovely Father, You have blesses us all, With your Unconditional, everlasting Love.  You have blessed me with  the greatest gift of Family.
May I, through your help,  show my love to …

Thursday Think About

Ash Wednesday

As These burned palms are put on our head, we are to begin our full preparation for lent. We must  do this physically, mentally, and within our hearts. We must call to mind that with these ashes the suffering that Jesus went through to save OUR lives. For if we do truly believe that he did this all for us in our heads and heart he will truly accept us on the final Day. For let us not be deeply sadden, but be prepared to celebrate on the day of his resurrection!

Ash Wednesday Is a beautiful day. We are marked by these ashes, which are an outward sign that we have sinned, and that we will be forgiven on the day of the Lords Resurrection. Ashes, are the sign, that we, the faithful, are not embarrassed to say that yes, we have sinned, and yes we have been forgiven. 
I'm not sure about you, but I dislike it when a lot of ashes fall off of my forehead and onto my face. I like it better of my forehead, than on my eyes. I'm just glade, I don't live in the 1800's or so when peo…

Fishermen Are Called

I was teaching a First Reconciliation class last Tuesday, and a kid had asked a really good question.      (Sadly, I have forgotten the question but remember the answer) I think it was something how they were confused how God, was our God, but yet he came and lived on earth. So to explain that I went into explaining-simply- how God showed himself has human, and divine. Then the kid asked, " What does divinity mean?" I replied, "It means holy" He asked, " What does holy mean? and I froze and stumbled upon my self. I had no answer.

     Based on this weekends Gospel, you may be wondering a question or two... like, " Why would Jesus, Our God, choose people like fisherman to be his disciples?