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Today, as we all know, is the day of Hallows eve or more commonly named; Halloween. The day in which children go door to door, asking for free candy. The dress up, for the fun of dressing up, they enjoy the company of others, and they defiantly can't wait till they dig in to the deliciousness of there sweet candy.

The costumes came from the people who would go door to door, offering prayers for their loved ones that have passed and then in return they would simply get some candy, and while they did this they dressed up. It then became something that happened every year. It soon became a yearly tradition. kids would want to dress up and ask for candy. As time passed, it became this festival and party it is today. It is now a "Holiday" where we lef tthe prayer and just go for candy. I guess because in the medevil traditions you were forced to be Christian. But as democracy developed you could be whatever religion you wanted.

Now, I for sure, will go out this year. But not…

A Piece of Advice

Good advice is always useful. It helps us with anything. Cleaning, cooking, sewing, washing, designing, dancing, home decorating, teaching,ect... But it's often advice that becomes habit, and that will change out life, and how we do things, based on someone else's thinking.

I was given a really good piece of advice today. It hasn't left my mind since I got it, and I don't expect it to for a very long time. This advice is already helping me and will continue to help me. The advice was this: Take your weak points and make them your strong points.

A man, who also teaches, gave me this advice. He came into my class after and asked me how it went, and I simply answered, " It was okay, we spent to long on the craft I planned." And he replied, " What is your strongest point in Roman Catholicism?" And I stopped and pondered upon the question. Then he made it into a multiple choice, " Your belief in God, Craft, preaching, Serving,"  and he said so…

Have a Voice.... Five minute Fridays

Today, I'm linking up, and participating in Five Minute Friday. I can only write for five minutes flat 

So here's the rules:

We write for five minutes flat. All on the same prompt that I post here at 1 minute past midnight EST ever Friday

No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation.

Unscripted. Unedited. Real.


I'm very sure that we can all agree that an upset child, has the loudest voice. With the shouting, and crying, and wanting of attention it just becomes the loudest voice. When the child needs something he will scream for it, or do an action, in saying it wants food, or something else.

It's very easy to get annoyed of children screaming, and it gets harder to do anything, while they are screaming. You can't think right, you can't do what you are doing right. But, the best you can do is hold the child, and make it feel protected when it is screaming.

Think of God. God Certainly does HAVE A VOICE. God is always, talking to us…

Thursday Think About

A Prayer About the Bible.

Almighty and powerful God, Thank you for everything you do for us everyday of our lives. We praise you for your never failing Love that you have for all of your children. Father in heaven thank you for the wonderful gift of the Bible, with this wonderful gift O Lord, we are able to  Grow in you, Find Strength to face the day, Understand what you want us to do to fulfill your plan, to truly know who you are O God.
Fill us with the Holy Spirit to fully know you and to see you in our daily lives. May we always find in your Word; Strength, Love, Courage, Peace, Comfort, knowledge, Hope, and Faith.



Today I am Thankful for Rising and Starting a New DAY!

Lord my almight father, of heaven and earth, I Thank You for this day, and I thank you for allowing me to wake; without pain, without fear, without hatred, without crankyness.
I Thank You Lord for waking me Lord Alive  and healthy. I thank you for this day, and I ask that you bless it, and keep it holy, for I woke up today.
You are MY Lord and MY GOD, 

The Bible

Today, I am Thankful for.... The Bible.
I Love the Bible. I love reading it, I love being inspired by God to do his mission. I Love God, and I love reading what he wants me to know. I always find something new and exciting passages to read and to ponder upon onto make a blog Post.

I love finding my faith in the bible, and to truly understand what Jesus wants from us. It's always a unique way to see in the eyes of Jesus, and reading about his miracles and love for everyone that was put together for us, do that we might believe.

As, always I taught today -which you already know I LOVE- I usually am there helping, but today me and the other teacher decided that I would teach today. As you most likely have guessed I taught about The bible.

Thursday night, I started to plan my class. Well for my first "teaching" of Grade two, there was a lot of assuming what they know and what they don't and predictions of timing. I had a plan to teach the bible. How many books, the…


I am Thankful for me!

No, i'm not being selfish. I'm thankful for being me. I thank God for creating me, and shaping me in his love and beauty to live on this wonderful earth. It's a Great thing to be thankful for. For being my self. And only being me.

As easy as it is, to act like someone else because of there popularity, fame, fashion, or occupation I am thankful for being my self. And That there is only one of me. It is a wonderful thing to being me. I Love God and I love everything he gives me. And he gave me, ME.

It's easy in these days to act or be someone else. It's like we cover our selves with a costume of being someone else. But, sure enough, God made us all to be our selves. YES, some people will have a better job. YES,  other people will be more popular. YES, other people will have more friends. YES, other people will do stuff I want. But, thats not good excuses not to be me.

I have to take off that costume, and be me. And not listen to the distractions …


I woke up early on a Saturday morning, which is a very big surprise. I'm actually not very tired for waking up early, where I usually am. So, I started to think about my day. What will I be doing? Teaching, doing homework, talking to people, and eating. What could  be thankful for? Teaching? okay how can I be thankful for teaching, I mean it's a lot of work? 

    In every small and big thing you do in life there is something to be thankful for. Yes, teaching does require work, and preparation for a good class, and it does take my own time to work things out. But it's all worth it to me, because I am teaching little kids about the greatness and beauty of OUR God.  I often imagine it as this: I am there to teach. Now what will they get out of it? Well I don't know because i'm not the child. I have only planted the seeds in them to grow in the greatness of God.
     I have been fortunate enough to be able to teach the grade two class for two years ( this being …

Guitar with loose strings

Listen to this while you read this post

If you play guitar you know how, after a while of playing with the same strings, in the same tone for a long time, they will break; or if you play to hard and then the string/strings (will) breaks. Then you have to put in a new string to play again. Then you have to spend a while re-tuning  your guitar. One note, then another; then back to the first one; listening very close to how the notes sound.

At other times the guitar just needs to be tuned, it's gotten out of tune since the last time you played, so you sit down and listen.

Thursday Think About


Today I am Thankful For: School 

I woke up this morning, with sadness that I have to go to school. I surely enjoyed my 3 day weekend. (Thanks goes to Thanksgiving) I surely still am full from, my turkey feast yesterday, and a nice dinner at my Grandmas on Saturday. I do, miss the company and time that we got, to sit down, and enjoy a day, to be thankful for so much!

I slept, in this morning, because I really don't want to go. But I had to, and I looked out the window, to find that it had snowed all night. FUN! I love the snow, but that just added another negative thing to my day. I don't like the cold; I like the snow, but not the cold.

But then I started to think, "What right now can I be thankful for?"

 I stopped and reflected

I thought

And I turned the negative into positive, I said


As much as i am not a fan, I HAVE to be THANKFUL for it.I get a chance to go to school, a place to learn, and to develop many new skills. Whereas many kids don't get to, or …

Thanks Giving :D

Today is Thanksgiving. This is a day of  which we give all thanks to God for everything we have. On this special day we are called to the table of THANKSGIVING (AKA The Eucharist) We are called to take part in the Eucharist, or at least give thanks to God for him.

      We have A LOT to be thankful for! We have a lot more to be thankful for than we might think. EVERYTHING! Friends, family, A computer, blogger, God, books, pictures, cameras and much much more. I hope that during this weekend, you and your family can sit, and be thankful for each other as you eat your turkey feast ( or and other traditional meals) May God Bless You all and be with you on this GREAT day of thanks giving.

Thursday Think About