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I don't often send you to other sites, or well I never have and well, today will be different. I found this video recently and it really touched my heart. I almost started to cry. This really touched me and thought it was worth sharing.

      This just goes to show how much we have to be grateful for. There are many people in many other places that well don't have what we have. SO PLEASE watch this video and let me know what you think in the comments.


Please watch come back here and let me know what you think!


Have a Good Day



Today I am posting at, ENCOURAGE 365 Please go check it out. I like when I am able to guest post for other people blog. I feel like i can reach out to a larger number of people when I do, and that my goal, to create a praying and gathering community... Anyways here is  a snippet from the blog post:
" and  forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us" 
Matthew 6: 12

I'm sure all of us here go to church every Sunday or our traditions on Saturday evening mass. But regardless of which Christian church and when, we all go. At one point or another. Every time we go to mass we say the Our Father. It's the prayer that we say every Sunday simply because Jesus gave it to us in Matthew 6: 9 -13. 
      When I was at church on Sunday I just didn't say some of the responses, just to see one thing. and I got it.  I got what I was looking for. I was just seeing how meaningful our responses are. And well the church I go to we all sounded like meaning less…

It's Fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Fall time! And when it is fall it means well all the leaves fall, and everything falls. Except for the church. The church actually rises, to an exciting time very soon. The leaves are changing color and the trees are becoming bare, and the walk in the park becomes something more than a walk in the park.

SO, for the first day of Fall I will write a prayer for the first day!

Lord, My God, creator of all the seasons, life and nature.  We are blessed today to have the first day of fall.  We thank you O, Lord for this season where: Leaves are falling, trees are becoming bare,  and  that we get to celebrate this time with thank giving.
Lord, We thank you for this time of Fall. The time of preparation for winter  and a time to find you in the beauty of nature.
Lord we ask that you come and bless us. Help us prepare for these cooler temperatures  and help us to find you in all of nature  and all things we do this Fall.
May we all be opened to you and your spirit So that we may seek you more and mor…

Thursday Think About

Sorry for not so many posts... I've been adjusting to a new school and getting use to all the homework! But i saw this picture and thought this might give something to think about....


We live in an age of where technology replaces everything. An age that makes us a whole lot lazier. An age in which we have everything do everything for us. How many people have the new Samsung s III phone? or an Ipad, Ipod, I could continue but the list would be to long.

I have always disliked texting. Yes it is convenient when you forgot something and you need to tell someone else. Yes it is convenient when your in and emergency. And Of course it is when you need to talk with someone.

No, That should not be our way of communication. Nor should social networking sites. What happened to calling someone on the phone and having a good conversation. Or writing a letter to someone back and forth. Before we, would expect something in the mail, because it's what happened. But now we are just HAPPY when we get a hand written letter by someone. Cause the times have changed.

Getting back into High school recently wan't that easy. Especially why you had to write a paragraph on the first…

Thursday Think About

Caught up in Pictures???

I was at mass this past weekend. And We had the pleasure of having a baptism. I'm always a happy person, when there's a baptism or something special going on. ( don't get me wrong I'm always happy serving) It's a greater pleasure to be serving for someones baptism funeral etc...

      I'm sure EVERYONE as taken at least ONE picture; good or bad. We have all taken at leat one with our own camera, our parents, or our Ipod or Ipad etc... We all have taken one picture.

Why do we take pictures?

September 11 2001 Prayer

Lord Our Most Gracious God, You have blessed us with the gift of family, and friends. And I thank you for this Great gift to share in your Gracious love. I thank you Father for being with me always and for spending time with me.
Lord My God, today is the 11th anniversary of September 11, 2001. A Day in Which changed the world. Father, I ask that you open the spirit to all those who were hurt and who had lost a a family member , a Friend,  and a pet. 
Lord, please be with these people as the remember the lost of Brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, aunt, Grandma and Grandpa. I ask that you comfort them and be with them always. 
My Lord, May you be with everyone who was affected by this tragedy on September 11, 2001. I Ask that  you send a blessing on there soul, that they may be with you forever in heaven.
My Friend, My Father, I ask that you bless the cities that were affected with Love, and peace for the strength to continue to Love You and to stay loyal to your word.
May this time of …

A Reflection!

“I am the true vine and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful” John 15:1-2
      Think of yourself as the branch. In the passage there are two different types of branches, the one that bears much fruit and the one that bears no fruit. I would hope that we are all the branch that bears fruit.( The branch of which shares the joys and Love of God. The one that bears the best fruit and the best fruit where the Gardener ( God ) will be happy to pick.           In this passage Jesus was focussing on Judas Iscariot. This was focused on him because he had just left Jesus to go to the Pharisees and Jews to help them catch Jesus. Jesus was talking about Judas because he was an, “Outward” disciple but he wasn’t an, “Inward” disciple.           An, “Outward” disciple, is to say that we are a disciple of Jesus and that we need we tell others we are a disciple they don’t abide in…


At my church I am in charge of organizing alter servers for each mass, and getting new servers for   mass. At funerals, Christmas and Ea  ster, I will usually do the incense. I love doing it. but it's not that  I love doing it, I love the symbol that it brings. I love when the smoke rises, and watching it rise up above.