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A Prayer to Love God Even More

Lord Jesus,  I see and feel that my love  is only a pale shadow  compared to the flame  of your love for me.  Give me a heart as vast as the universe.  so that I may love you - if not as much as you deserve-  at least as much as I can.
(Prayer of St Frances Xavier Cabrini)

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Prayer to Live What Jesus Taught

O Lord Jesus Christ,  grant us a measure of your Spirit.  Help us to obey your teaching,  soothe anger,  overcome desire, increase love, cast off sorrow,  shun vainglory,  renounce revenge,  and not be afraid of death.  Let us ever entrust our spirit to the everlasting God who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and rules forever and ever.
(Prayer of St. Apollonius of Rome, ?-185) 

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A Culture of Vocations

Ever since I was a young kid, maybe in kindergarten or so, I was constantly in love with the church. I was fascinated with priests lives and their role during the mass too- It was always something so amazing, so attractive to me as a child. As I grew up I began to be inspired by my parish priest who would teach me many things about the faith, encourage me in my faith journey, and who would always answer any question I had ever though of about the faith. Further, he would be my guide to becoming an altar server and on how priests lived. Never did he once put me down, suppress my enthusiasm or tell me to leave him alone. He always invited me to ask, to learn, and to talk about anything and everything. It was through this priests example that my own calling, vocation and my own personal interest in the church, grew and grew, was made to feel that it was a normal calling to have and it was always supported.

     This is a support that is and was very much needed in my life, and in a…

Prayer For Vocations

O God, Father of all Mercies, Provider of a bountiful Harvest,
send Your Graces upon those You have called to gather the fruits of Your labor; preserve and strengthen them in their lifelong service of you.
Open the hearts of Your children that they may discern Your Holy Will; inspire in them a love and desire to surrender themselves to serving others in the name of Your son, Jesus Christ.
Teach all Your faithful to follow their respective paths in life guided by Your Divine Word and Truth. Through the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, all the Angels, and Saints, humbly hear our prayers and grant Your Church's needs, through Christ, our Lord. 

Loving and Generous God, it is You who call us by name and ask us to follow You. Help us to grow in the Love and Service of our Church as we experience it today.
Give us the energy and courage of Your Spirit to shape its future
Grant us faith-filled leaders who will embrace Christ's Mission of love and justice.
Bless you…

The Intimate Shepherd

The other day I was talking to some of my closest, longest friends. As we were talking we were thinking about how we all met each other and who introduced who to each other, and we began to share what we all first thought of each other when we first met them. This not only made me thankful for these amazing people, but also the different meaningful relationships that we can develop throughout our lives, even in a mere number of years. It also made me realize the miracle that is our friendship and the journey that we have all been on and how no matter what has happened to us, we all have remained friends. A miracle, indeed!

      Each and every one of our lives is filled with many different interactions with friends, family and strangers. Each of these relationships in some shape or form has helped each of grow and become who we are today. Depending on how important each of these relationships is to us, depends on the strength of our commitment and effort that we put into them. …

A Repeated Prayer

Below are some biblical and non-biblical prayers that can be repeated multiple times, and repeated throughout the day. They are to help us to recenter ourselves on God and his beauty and greatness. Let us contemplate on these invocations and remember them in our heart of hearts. 

"My Lord and My God"  John 20:28 
"You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God"  Matthew 16:16
"Yes, Lord; You know that I love you"  John 21:15
"It is the Lord"  John 21: 7
"For you are my God" Psalm 143:10
"O God, have mercy on me a sinner"  Luke 18:13
"Stay with us, Lord"  Luke 24: 29
" Increase our faith" Luke 17:5
"For nothing is impossible with God"  Luke 1:37
"Truly this Man was the Son of God"  Matthew 27:54
"Lord, I love you" 
"Jesus, I believe in you" 
"Thanks be to you, God" 
"Your will be done" 
"Oh God, Help me" 
"Do not abandon me" 
"Heart of Jes…

The Easter Transformation

As a catechism teacher every Sunday for younger grades I get to amaze them with some of the basic things of our faith. For example they are always amazed and excited to know that Easter is not just a one day celebration but is actually 50 days. Normally they are excited when they hear that and ask why they do not get chocolate every single day for those fifty days. So this becomes a great moment to teach them that however unfortunate it is we do not get chocolate for fifty days in a row, (although I for one strongly believe we should make this a practice :) ) we have something much greater to be happy about-that Jesus is truly risen! That Easter is much more than the mere chocolate we eat, and that it is a joyful time because of the many transformations that take place in these times.

     Todays Gospel from Luke immediately follows the well known passage of the road to Emmaus. In fact, the disciples are just arriving back to Jerusalem to tell the eleven about the amazing things…

The Easter News

More and more frequently we hear the phrase "fake news" being tossed around about things
happening all around the world. Surely it is becoming more and more difficult to know the entire truth of an event or alleged situation with the variety of opinions, biases and interpretations that people, stations and reporters will put onto a story. With the advent of new medias and communications, it has become nearly impossible to understand where the truth is, and it often requires us to search and read multiple accounts before finding the truth of the reported story. Yet so often, we believe one story, one account, that we begin to get shaped into it, and demand solid evidence to be convinced otherwise.

     As Catholics however, we have the good news- the great news that saves the world! We have the good news of that the tomb is empty, that Jesus has risen from the dead. This is the news that reminds us of the infinite God, who is not defeated by death! We have the great ne…