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     As I grew up and was going through school, as I reached junior high and senior year of school, one thing we were constantly told by our teachers at my Catholic school was that we must be good examples for the younger grades. We were told to be enthused and participate in activities because in a small school of a max of 250 students, the younger grades always looked up to the older grades.  In a way the teachers made us responsible, by saying this, for how the rest of the school participated. Regardless if their passionate speeches to us worked, it was still eye opening of the real power we held as "the older kids" with our lack of or truly present enthusiasm.

    I believe all of us have a calling for something more in life; a desire that extends beyond the materialistic world around us. The desire for something greater than life, for something that can make us feel fully alive. Throughout societies we have found this desire, this emptiness being filled by many things that just do not fulfill it.Things like alcohol and drugs, voluntarism, and science, people and technology, have all been things or mere ideas that people have tried to fill this desire with.  It is as if people for a long time have tried placing the square into the circle hole. It just does not and will not fit.

     As Christians, we hold the solution to the desire of every human heart; that is Christ. The immense love and compassion of Christ, is a love and compassion that no item, substance or mere subjective ideology can fill. Rather, the desire within each human person for something more, is and can only be filled by the beautiful, deep, riches of Christ. For what else than the personal relationship and faith in Christ can fill the souls desire? Nothing. 

    Catholics have known this fact since the very beginning. It is out of a burning desire to be united with Christ, that men and woman throughout the ages have been martyred, suffered for, and believed in, even when nothing else was going right. It was the cornerstone of Christ, that kept them, their hearts intact and together. For us today, as well, know by a very personal way, that in following the commandments of the Lord, and allowing him to shower us in his love, forgiveness and mercy, that we become fully human; that the strongest desire of our souls is fulfilled.

    Yet we know this to be true; we hold onto it for dear life, but so often we forget to be the example. We forget that the world around us also has this desire and is simply filling it with things that will not truly fulfill their desire. We, as Catholics, need to be an example. An example of the greatness and personal relationship we have with our creator- an example that visibly proves he is not some far off God, disconnected with his people. No, but rather, a personal God who has touched our lives and have made us into his adopted children, however unperfect we may be.

    See the goal of a Catholics life is one that leans on examples. For the way we live our lives are shaped by the examples of all the great saints and of Christ himself. For each of those saints exemplified great theological virtues and lived and exemplary life dedicated to Christ.  Our example, therefore, need not always be in immense ways, but in the small things we do day-to-day. For it is often the most insignificant that has the largest impact ( think here of the mustard seed parable.) When we do every small action out of love, a true love which we have first experienced from Christ, then we are being an example. Mother Theresa  once said, " Do small things with great love" and to later she added, " If you cannot feed a hundred people then just feed one."

    Being an example of the faith is absolutely necessary in this time in our society.  For too long we has Catholics have let the outside society define who we are and what we should and should not do. However, it is the time, and is necessary that we define ourselves for who we truly are. We are believers in a personal God, who conquered death and desires a personal, lively and beautiful relationship with each of us for our collective salvation.

How are you an example of Christs Love?

What can I do, or how can I change, in the small ways of my life, to show Christs love to the world?

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