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Good Shepherd Prayer

Jesus my Shepherd, 
You are always good and perfect; 
Your love surrounds me, 
Your staff guides me, 
and Your voice calls me. 

I cannot thank you enjoy  My Shepherd,
 for all times you have:
protected me,
strengthened me, 
loved me, 
carried me through, 
brought me to green pastures, 
lead me to flowing waters, 
helped me in tough situations, 
and blessed me when I needed it the most. 

With my simple and humble heart I thank you fully Lord for being my Good Shepherd. 

Renew in me:
 the faith to recognize your voice more in my life, 
the understanding to follow your staff, 
the wisdom to know your blessing, 
the grace to be able to trust you more and more
and the joy of hearing your voice. 

For I love you with my entire heart, my eternal and loving Father! 



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