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Renew In Me This Day- Prayer!

Renew me this day, Father of life, to constantly work for your kingdom on earth. 
Renew me this day, O Holy Spirit, the missionary call given by Christ himself, for me to be an apostle in this world.
 Renew me this day with freshness and joy, Father of us all, to be able to love those whom are the hardest to love. Let the love I show others be my love for you exemplified. 
Renew in me this day, the call to be a witness to Jesus Christ in every situation I find myself in. May I never shy away from those opportunities to proclaim Christ.
Renew in me this day the desire for God, when I tempted. Renew in me the strong love for Jesus Christ, your Son O God, and let me never be separated from you. 
Renew in me this day, Lord, the devotion to you in the Most Holy Eucharist, and to Mary our mother. May I never fall away from your pretense on earth and from our mother, the perfect example of faith in you. 
Renew in me this day, Father of love, a heart of adoration and prayer, to be able to adore you unceasingly.
Renew in me this day, Lord Jesus Christ, the eyes of faith to be able to find you where ever you are present. 
Renew in me this day, Son of God, the grace of silence and concentration in prayer, to be able to offer my self completely to you, and give you the attention and time you deserve Oh God.
Renew in me this day, O Holy Trinity, the desire to abide with you in the paradise of heaven, when this earths journey has completed. 



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