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A Request For Charlie Gard

I normally do not do posts like this, however, in this case I found it necessary to continue to draw attention to this story, and to ask for your help in prayers for this particular child and family.

      You may or may not of heard about the child, Charlie Gard. He is an 11-month old baby, who has MDS,  mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. This is a syndrome where the mitochondria of some cells, are not producing the energy needed for the cell. In turn, some cells do not operate as the should which especially affects the brain, lungs and heart. Charlie, who was placed on a breathing machine, is the 16th person in the world to be diagnosed with this syndrome, that has no cure. However, there are some experimental treatments that could improve his case.

     Charlie became internationally known when the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), in London, refused to let Charlie leave the hospital multiple times. Back in April of this year, GOSH went to the courts to get permission to turn off Charlies life support, and got permission from all three levels of court. The Parents, devastated, were told by the courts that "It is in his best interest" that his machines are turned off 1. The courts also added, that it would be proper for Charlie to " be allowed to die with dignity." Attempts were made to move charlie to three different hospitals that offered to take him, and do the experimental treatment. All of them were turned down by the hospital for "legal reasons" and because the chances were very little for his survival. Pope Francis, Donald Trump and many celebrities added their two cents about this topic, and offered support for Charlies life. With all the court processes it was decided that Charlies life support would be turned off on June 30. The same day Pope Francis posted this tweet:

     However, the decision to let the machines turned off, (By miracle) was put back to allow the parents "to form more precious memories." Then there was no updates. All seemed lost. Until on the 7th of July, the decision was made to go back to court in the rise of a new experimental treatment that was proven to improve Charlies condition.  The courts, did a preliminary hearing on Monday July 10th, with the conclusion of giving the parents 48 hours to put together stronger, and more concrete evidence that the treatment would improve Charlies condition to change the mind of the judge. Thus leaving the fate of Charlie to that one court day on Thursday.

    This is where we as Catholics and Christians need to raise our voices in one unified prayer that life will be respected; that Charlie will get the chance to fight. We need to collectively pray for a fair decision to be made, and that God will be with Charlie, his parents, and his supporters all the way through this. We need prayers to allow for the gifts of wisdom and right judgment to flood the minds and hearts of everyone in the courtroom. We need to pray that Gods will be done.

     This case, and many alike it infuriate me. The right to life must be respected for every human person. Since when, does a baby, or an elderly person stop being a person? They do not. Yet, Charlie Gard seems to be an exception this, when in reality he is not.  People  are a people from the moment of their conception until their death. Since this is the case, every human has inalienable human rights. Them beings those that are explicitly listed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the United Kingdom voted in favor of, and have adopted. Article 1 of the Rights reads:

 All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. 

Article 3 also reads:

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. 
     Notice, within these rights, that there is no right to die, or right to death. No, the UDHR focuses on life, and the importance of every single person on earth to have this right. It is a Right that should not  be stripped away from us, in any scenario. It is a right that should be respected and learned by everyone in the world. In the larger picture, what is wrong with standing for life? What is wrong to allow another person a chance at life? What is wrong with producing a new generation? What is wrong for standing for the rights of the innocent child, formed at conception and standing up for them that are voiceless? Can anyone supply a justified answer to prove these wrong?

     What frustrated me the most about Charlies case is the fact that the hospital is playing God. They are keeping control of the child in all circumstances. They went to court to strip the parents of their rights as parents. They wanted total control of the life of that child, and they succeeded. That fact is sickening.  They did everything in their power to get that childs life support taken off. They allowed the parents extra days with their child, and they allow things to take their course, however, they still seem to be pushing for that plug to be pulled.  Yes, the child will probably die, and the parents acknowledge that.The parents are wanting the peace of mind to know that they fought for their child. They are fighting for their child. We all need to fight for that child and for all children.  The child needs the support of all of us, the doctors especially to fight for life. Just because his fight is losing now, does not mean it will be lost.

     Again, Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK has supported the doctors as well encouraging them to end the life support for child. This indeed bothers me. The state is supporting the death of a child. It is a form of the death penalty brought back alive and being supported again and again. Why are we allowing this to happen? Why are we disguising the truth of the facts, and pretending it to be something else? Our modern society is great at this, especially when covering up sin.

    If Thursday does not end well, this is truly a step backwards for society. It will be a step in the wrong direction that proves that societies around the world do not stand for life, that life is seemingly like any other object in the world- we can throw it away or keep it whenever we want. However, if Charlie is  given then chance to fight than we know that life still stands, that hope is still in this world, and that foundations that  built societies need to be repaired.

     So I strongly ask you to please pray for Charlie. Pray that God will look after him, assist him in his battle. Pray that the gifts of wisdom, right judgment and peace may flourish in that courtroom on Thursday. Pray for Charlie.

     Pray also for this world. That the world and all societies may place central to their ideologies the right to life, that we all already have, share and enjoy.

Prayer for Life:

Father of infinite Life and Love, 

You have given me this day life to experience all things you have created and to experience your amazing love and forgiveness. I ask that you be with those who do not stand for the life which you have created. May you flood their minds with spirit of truth and open their eyes to the beautiful gift of life you give us and to the little, innocent ones. May you help me to stand for life, especially when it is not the popular opinion. Help me to be a voice for the voiceless and may standing for life and the appreciation of this amazing gift which you have given us, point others to you. 

I pray also Father of Mercy, for Charlie Gard. That if it be they heavenly will, to bring to Charlie the healing he needs, the chance to grow and live life. I pray that the gifts of your Holy Spirit, especially of wisdom and Right judgment may fill the minds and hearts of the judges, and participants of the court room which will decide Charlies future. May your will be done above all else father. 

May this world receive also the appreciation of life from the moment of conception to the moment you call a person to yourself. May this world be granted the adoration of life, as an immense free gift given from you, Father of life. 


To read more about Charlie, and a more detailed timeline read below:

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