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Daily Prayer

My Heavenly Father,

I arise today filled with the gift of life that you have given me, thank you.
Thank you for allowing me to live today for another chance to serve you and your people more.

I offer up this day, Jesus, and leave it in your care, knowing that everything is guided by your will and divine providence.

Throughout today Lord, I ask that you may be with me. That...

...When I face difficulty today,  I may be given the gift of wisdom and right judgment to be able to figure out a balanced solution.

... When I am sad, that I may find sincer joy in you.

...When I am happy and something good happens, that I may not forget about you, Lord, and be filled with gratitude.

...When I am challenged or criticized, I may take it with grace and see it as a chance to improve.

...When people annoy me, I may show them love, even when it is the hardest too.

...When others are happy, I may be able to experience their joy as well, and be truly happy with them.

...When others are sad, I may be able to be a source of encouragement and a friend to them.

...When I see injustice, I may be able to respond to it and bring attention to it.

...When I am with friends and family, that I may not take them for granted and communicate to them how important they are to me

...When I can communicate your Gospel, may I never shy away out of fear of what others may say.

Mostly Father, I ask that today as move about today, may my life point to you. For my greatest desire, is to communicate your love, and message through my life. May I so be able to do this with everyone I meet, even if it is just for a moment.

I offer this day to you, Lord



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