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The Silence Broken

     I remember I was walking home from my bus stop on the Wednesday after holy week, and like the disciples on the road to emmaus, I was thinking about all the dramatic events that took place ( It so happened that story of the Road to Emmaus was the Gospel of that day.) As I walked down my street I noticed that I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't hear the numerous cars and busses at the end of the street, I couldn't hear the birds chirp, or even my own foot prints. Accepting the fact that I may have just gone deaf I continued to think about the greatness of last week.

     I began to think about the silence during holy week. The awkward silence as Jesus said one of them would betray him, or when he told Peter that he would deny him three times. I thought of the confused silence they had in the garden as they waited for the Lord to pray and the shocked silence  when the crowds condemned Jesus to crucificion. I thought of the silence while Jesus carried his cross, and that scared silence when Jesus was cruicified and died. I imagined the deep silence of Holy Saturday with Christ in the tomb. Again I was filled with the thought of the believing silence the apostles felt when they saw the empty tomb.  Then I thought of the frightful  silence the apostles felt as they gathered in the locked room. Finally, I thought about the calming silence when Jesus appeared among them.
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     It was this silence that defined the apostles journey through the salvific events of Christ. It was silence that lead them throughout this week. Their silence had many faces and not all bad. Silence can speak a language that we do not understand right away, but rather one that is contemplated and understood in the heart. For example, the calming silence when Jesus appeared and ate fish with his disciples or when he called them on the sea shore and none of them dare ask if it was Jesus because they all knew. Their silence was a silence of awe  and of faith. 

     As I stood in front of my house, the sun broke through the clouds and trees and shone directly in my path, with a cooling breeze of wind. At that moment one thought had filled my mind; Jesus is resurrected. With that thought, a great big smile appeared on my face.

    We read in the Gospels, that after this great period of time of silence, the disciples were told to break it. They were to GO out and proclaim the good news. Silent, was to be the last thing they were. Right before Jesus ascended into heaven he told his disciples to go out and make disciples. He told them to share the experiences they had just experienced and to spread that joy.  It was now time for them to take these times of silence that they took in the events, and share it with the world. After their silence had spoken, they must now go and act, to believe and to share.

    Easter is the time when the silence of lent, the silence of Holy week is broken. We are people of the resurrection- of the Ascension! We are a people called by God to proclaim to the world his love and the amazement of the resurrection!

    Do I give myself times of silence with God to pray and center myself?

    How much silence do I give myself in my life?

    What are the faces of silence in my life?

     How do I break the silence of fear of proclaiming the Gospel with my life?

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