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The Second Advocate

    Imagine the climatic events that surround todays Gospel. Jesus has just washed his disciples feet, he declared to them that the food they eat is his body, the drink they are drinking is his blood. Jesus tells them that someone will betray him, and that Peter will deny him. Then to add to this he tells them that he is going away- that he will no longer be physically with them. Imagine the emotion that is running through the room during each of these striking moments of that final meal. It must have been an evening of confusion and frightfulness. But yet how significant that one evening would become and the affect it would have on the entire world.

    For the first three Sundays of Easter we heard in the Gospels the events of the resurrection and Jesus' appearances to his disciples thereafter. From then on we get different accounts of Jesus and the future of his mission once he leaves earth. Today, is such a reading. We are given the account of Jesus preparing his disciples before he underwent his passion.

     Jesus has told us that he will leave and will come back. But as said in todays Gospel, during this in-between-time we will not be left orphaned. We cannot undermine how real it was for the disciples to lose their friend, their comforter, their teacher. The physical loss of Jesus with them, was worrisome, frighting and something that caused them much distress. However, Jesus makes a promise. A promise that he will not leave them orphaned, that he will be with them, but in a new way. He, was the first advocate, and he is sending another advocate, the spirit of truth, to now be with them. On top of this, we know that every promise Jesus makes he fulfills, and this one he does too. We, as people of the resurrection, are witnesses to this promise. The promise that he will send The Spirit of Truth, the Paraclete, to be with us always.

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    But Jesus makes it clear, that the Spirit of the Truth will reside with those who love him and follow his commandments. The two are inseparable. Love is needed to follow the commandments, for the commandments demand love. They demand the love that Jesus showed, the love of reaching out and being a friend. The love of healing wounds, the love of not leaving anyone orphaned.  For those who love and follow his commandments, are those that will live because Christ lives.

    Love, is at the center of ones relationship with God. In his farewell discourse, which we are given a taste of in todays Gospel, Jesus says, "...[Y]ou will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you" he continues to say "the one who loves me will be loved by my father, and I will love them..." Jesus highlights, then that the very relationship between himself and the Father is love. Through our faithfulness to the commandments and our total love for Jesus we partake of this perfect love between God and Jesus. This perfect love, that can transform us,  is with us intimately. So intimately that it is the Spirit of Truth, the second advocate, that works, lives and moves among us.

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     The Spirit of Truth, the second advocate, is now living and moving in and around the earth, but with each and everyone of us. He is the one who " abides with you and he will be in you." Jesus does not leave us orphaned, although with his physical detachment from the world and his disciples it may have felt like it. However, he promises the advocate that will be personal. So much so that he dwells within us. The divine infusion into each and everyone of us, is exactly the relationship of the father and the son, love!

    We are given divine love infused into our hearts and souls as faithful disciples of Christ. This love, the Advocate, is intimate, within us and guiding our hearts and minds to be able to share this love more, since love demands to be shared. For those who keep his commandments and love Christ, the spirit is given,  and shall not be left orphaned.

Do we always live in such a way that we share the Advocate, the Spirit of truth?

In what ways can I share more the love of the Father to those around me?

How has the Divine Love infused into me affected my life? Do I allow it to affect my life?

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