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Christ Living

" It is no longer I that live, But Christ that lives in me" Galatians  2:20

     As I walked through the halls of St Pauls College, the Catholic part of the university I attend, I notice a painting that has many symbols that represent our province, our city, our college, the Christian and Jewish religion and more. For the first time walking in this part of the college, I was struck by the hidden gem I just found, and I began to stare at it and look at the symbols. Upon further inspection, the top of the painting says " It is no longer I that Live, But Christ that lives in me" Galatians 2:20. I was perplexed at why this verse, out of all verses was chosen for this unique painting. 

    I looked at it, and contemplated, why is this phrase on there, and I was confused, for a while until I thought of it literally: It is Christ that must live in me. 

    The last time I head this phrase was when I was in Poland for World Youth Day. It was a joke among a couple of us, that because of the immensity of the experience we were all getting overwhelmed and exhausted, that we began to quote Paul in saying, " It is no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives in me" because we felt so physically drained, that the only thing keeping us going was Christ, living and working within us; allowing us to experience what each of us needed to experience in those moments. 

    As I stared at this painting, this thought came back to me, and thought how as a Catholic, it is my challenge to continually allow Christ to steer my life. It is so tempting for me to want to be in control, for me to want to steer my own life, however, especially when stress piles up and I get overwhelmed, it is Christ that carries me through. That it is Christ, the giver of life, who again and again pours his love and compassion into us, allowing us to continue to live, to move and breath to be able to see what and experience what he wants us to. 

    Right now, I am in a test and paper filled week and I have mid-terms and more papers due soon, and all this work piles up. But has a constant reminder, In my life I need to keep reminding my self that I don't know where I am suppose to go, but Christ does. Christ knows where I need to go. He knows that path that will help me grow, improve my self and figure everything out. He knows that path will lead me down the valley of death, but will end up at the green pastures and a flowing river. 

    The daily struggle remains of allowing Christ take control, of emptying myself, as I felt in Poland, and allowing Christ to enter and truly and fully live in me. 

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The Painting  at the College

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