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Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.

It is the day when true love was shown to the world-when God showed to us how much he really loved us. He so desires to be have a relationship with each and everyone of us that He sacrifices His son, His only Son, as atonement for our sins. It is from this atonement that is hung on the cross, that we learn to love and show mercy to one another. It is through Christs' Passion that we learn that we must die to ourselves and live for others.

While walking through the Samaria, Christ had met a women, and the first thing he said to her was " I thirst." This simple saying, was not because he physically was thirsty, but rather because he thirsted for the faith of people- of the Samaritan women. He thirsted that she, and this community may come to know who He really is.

On the cross, we hear that Christ said again, " I am Thirsty." Again, He was not physically thirsty. Rather he thirsted for the faith of the people who crucified Him. He thirsted that his mission, of bring people back to God, shall be fulfilled. When he hung on the cross, He thirsted that this may happen. However, it would only be till after his death, that the solider converts, that the curtain splits in two and the earth quakes. His death is a sign that brought people closer to God, and still does everyday. It is this, that he thirsts for, and continues to thirst for.

Hanging on the Cross, Christ showed us what commitment is. He showed us that following God is not always easy, however, when he rises from the dead he shows us how beautiful it can be. He shows us that following God is not easy, but becomes fruitful. Christ came to bring us closer to God, to follow God again. Through His passion and death, he shows us how to fully follow Gods unique and fulfilling plan for each of our loves. Through his death, Christ endured the physical suffering from us yet he was committed until his last breath of wanting to bring people closer to His father.

It is in following Christ that we learn to follow. It is through His Cross that we learn to love on another, that we learn to be committed to one another and to God. Through the Cross of Christ, we are healed and brought ever closer to God. As we approach the Cross, may we come and acknowledge the sacrifice of Christ and grow in our relationship with God knowing that Christ paid for our sins so that we can. As we approach the Cross, may we come and acknowledge the true love story that is happening, and may we come to thirst also, that others may come and experience the love and mercy of God!


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