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Christ Living

" It is no longer I that live, But Christ that lives in me" Galatians  2:20
     As I walked through the halls of St Pauls College, the Catholic part of the university I attend, I notice a painting that has many symbols that represent our province, our city, our college, the Christian and Jewish religion and more. For the first time walking in this part of the college, I was struck by the hidden gem I just found, and I began to stare at it and look at the symbols. Upon further inspection, the top of the painting says " It is no longer I that Live, But Christ that lives in me" Galatians 2:20. I was perplexed at why this verse, out of all verses was chosen for this unique painting. 
    I looked at it, and contemplated, why is this phrase on there, and I was confused, for a while until I thought of it literally: It is Christ that must live in me. 
    The last time I head this phrase was when I was in Poland for World Youth Day. It was a joke among a couple of us, t…

Bartholomew is Trending

Just a quick little post.

    I was just scrolling on facebook and reading the many statues and articles about the earthquake in Italy. I became deeply sadend when I heard about this quake and prayer for those affected. However, as I continued to scroll down my facebook I saw this on the trending:

St Bartholomew, the apostle of Jesus, is second on the trending list on facebook. I think this is a small way of how Catholics and Christians are evangelizing through social media. Something so small, but can be so significant. I see this as a mini accomplishment for the faith. It also made me smile and I had to share it :) 
This isn't the first time a saint or religious figure has trended. A few months ago, 'Jesus Christ' was trending on Twitter, and some other saints as well.... a good sign 
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How I became a Refugee

One of the main events of World Youth Day, the climatic point of the entire week, is the vigil and final mass. There we keep vigil during the night, praying to the Lord, and we awake the next morning for mass with Christs representative on earth, Pope Francis. At the end of the beautiful Mass the vicar of Christ announces where the next World Youth Day will be held. Let me explain my experience with this intense event.

     If there is one accurate phrase to sum up the vigil experience for me, it would be, I became a refugee.  Here I was, carrying everything I brought to Poland in my travelers backpack, weighing around 40 pounds, walking down the streets, not knowing where to go, but following the crowd. I was clueless, and trusted that the direction I was heading would lead me to my destination. We traveled for four and half hours in the direct sun walking every step of those nine miles, getting closer and closer to Campus Misercordes.
     When we finally did reach our section,…

How WYD Made the Nicene Creed Real

On August 3rd I returned back to Winnipeg after two and a half weeks in Poland while participating in World Youth Day. As I sat on the air plane that took nine hours to get me back to Canada, I began to contemplate and review the many unique experiences that I gained from this amazing pilgrimage. That plane ride gave me the time to digest the over flowing plateful of adventure I had just undergone. As I sat there on the dimly lit plane, one phrase was the base for all my thoughts: "  One, Holy, catholic, and Apostolic church" 

 That one phrase, from the Nicene Creed, can accurately sum up my World Youth Day experience. Notice in that phrase that their is a small c on catholic. The small 'c' catholic means universal, diverse, inclusive. All these adjectives were fully alive and evident in these two lively weeks.  Here was  gathered in the 'City of Saints', as Krakow is refereed to, millions of young people from all around the earth, all at peace. Nationali…

Feed My Sheep

During this Easter season we are given the opportunity to listen and reflect on the word of God from the Gospel of John. For the third and final time this weekend, we will hear a post-resurrection appearance of Christ to his apostles. It is through these appearances that Christ proves his resurrection, dispels the darkness of doubt in his apostle’s mind, and commissions them to make known the love and joy of these events to the world.

The Gospel this weekend tells us that after the death and resurrection of Christ, the disciples have returned to fishing, as they once did before they followed Christ. These skilled fishermen do not catch anything all night, until a man comes on the shore of the beach and tells them to cast their net on the right side of the boat, and they catch an abundance of fish, that the net should have broke, but it did not. After they caught these fish, the apostles realized that it was the Lord, who has now called them a second time from their job of fishing to …

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.

It is the day when true love was shown to the world-when God showed to us how much he really loved us. He so desires to be have a relationship with each and everyone of us that He sacrifices His son, His only Son, as atonement for our sins. It is from this atonement that is hung on the cross, that we learn to love and show mercy to one another. It is through Christs' Passion that we learn that we must die to ourselves and live for others.

While walking through the Samaria, Christ had met a women, and the first thing he said to her was " I thirst." This simple saying, was not because he physically was thirsty, but rather because he thirsted for the faith of people- of the Samaritan women. He thirsted that she, and this community may come to know who He really is.

On the cross, we hear that Christ said again, " I am Thirsty." Again, He was not physically thirsty. Rather he thirsted for the faith of the people who crucified Him. He thirsted …

Palm Sunday

Every year I look forward to the unique and special week that is Holy week. It is always a week that was remarkably different from all the other weeks and it is always a week the "wakes up" my faith. Growing up, and still now, I was always interested in the Mass and the different actions of the priest. To see such differences during Holy Week and the different vestments that the priest wore, really caught my interest and something that I looked forward to.

     This weekend we begin this unique week. We begin the week that saved us from our sin and brought to us forgiveness, salvation, and the love of God. Beginning the the magnificent entrance into Jerusalem we embark on a special journey with Christ. We live the experience- not as a historical re-enactment- but as a sign of faith and remembrance.  We walk as Christ walked, we go where Christ went so that we can increase our faith and become closer with him. We begin this weekend by starting in a different location an…

Growing in our relationship with God

This weekend we begin the great penitential season of lent. The time that we as Catholics and Christians can grow closer to God experiencing his unending forgiveness and his undying mercy. Lent is time where we journey with Christ in the desert and we transform our lives even closer to that of Christs. Through lent we, through the mercy of God, turn the sins and sadness of our lives into happiness and good deeds.
                The church gives us three tools to guide our Lenten journey: Prayer, almsgiving and fasting. One of the more popular ones is fasting. Unfortunately fasting is normally reduced to absenting from food or drink. However good of test that may be for our Lenten journey, we also should fast from other things that prevent us from becoming closer with God.  For example we can work at fasting from spreading gossip, being jealous, and harsh feelings we may feel for other people.  Fasting also includes giving something up so that we can add something new to our lives. …