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Tuesday Prayer: Travellers

Heavenly Father, 
I am presently embarked on a journey in pursuit of some good. 
Grant that I may travel in safety, 
without undue disturbance or worry,
and ultimately attain the goal I seek. 

Let me also keep in mind 
that I am on another and more important journey-through life. 
Keep me ever safe and close to You 
as I travel the sometimes hazardous road toward your kingdom in heaven. 

Enable me to follow the guidelines given us by Your Son Jesus 
so that I may arrive safely at my eternal destination 
with You in heaven. 

St Anthony, Pray for us!
St Raphael, Pray for us!
St Joseph, Pray for us!



Just a quick note: 

     Early this morning I have left on a Mission trip to El Salvador. I will be their for two weeks!  I will be working in one community and assisting them. I am going with a group of people from multiple schools. Posts about the trip, and pictures will be published when I get back on July 14th. Normal Sunday posts have been scheduled in advanced. I am going without technology. This is not a vacation! This is a time of work, but while I am there, we will not be working on Sundays. One of the things we will be doing will be visiting the grave sight of Blessed Oscar Romero and visiting the church he was shot it while saying Mass. 

I have one thing to ask my readers: 

Please Pray for me! Your prayers are very much needed and appreciated! 

God Bless, 


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