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"Thy Will Be Done"

     For the first time this year, my family has started a nice sized garden in our backyard and I was quick to go out and help seed it. Personally, I love to see the development of plants from their initial seed to their final product. This process has always struck me. Don't know why, but it has.Of course, my favourite thing to do is to eat the food that was grown in our own garden.  It is not only because I like to eat, but also, there is something special and unique, I find, about being able to eat the food that we have laboured to grow.


 In parables Jesus would take something that is familiar to the people and compare it to something that they don't know. A parable uses figurative speech to express an idea of a link in likeness between two concepts. Normally, Jesus is connecting something ordinary  in peoples lives to his heavenly father and the kingdom of God. A parable isn't suppose to make total sense. It was left a mystery for people to ponder and to access it's application. 

     In todays Gospel, Jesus is describing the Kingdom of God in two different parables. First, Jesus says, the Kingdom of God is like a  seed that was planted by a farmer and left to grow. Through the earth, the seed was able to sprout and grow until it was ripe.When it was ripe, the farmer would come and harvest it not knowing how it had grown. Secondly, Jesus says that the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed. The smallest seed known to the people, but would create a large, and fast spreading shrub. 

     This parable has so often been seen as Jesus describing to is Disciples how, the church will establish. Right now, the movement it small, and doesn't seem like much, but soon, it will become a great bush, that spreads quickly, and that will hold the nests of birds. For the early church, this parable is key, in remembering that, just because things don't look promising now and flourishing, doesn't mean it will always be like this. 

    In both of these parables I imagine that the seed is the word of God planted in our life.  The key to this, however, is our response of acceptance and our conversion. If we accept the word of God continuously,  and pull out the weeds (Our sins) then it will take root in us and sprout.  The key, is our acceptance and our conversion for his word to take root. It is our conversion to lay down our life, and accept his will for us, and for the whole world. 

    As human beings, we love our individualism, and we love to be in control of situations. However, accepting the will of God, is making ourselves instruments that God can use. It is letting go of our on will, and ideas and allowing God to fill up our mind, heart, and soul with his love. We must simply be the instrument that he uses, to spread his Diving Mercy and Love. Mother Teresa had once said this better than I can ever, "  I'm like a little pencil in His hand. That's all. He does the thinking. He does the writing. The pencil has nothing to do it. The pencil is only to be allowed to be used" In this quote, Mother Teresa explains her work, and takes zero credit for it. She is accepting the fact that, she isn't in charge, and that God is the one who is doing this. She is just an instrument, that has fully accepted God. 

     Every time we gather for Mass, right before we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, we pray the Our Father.  In it we pray. "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."  These are the words that Christ himself taught us. These are the words that we must be attentive to. We must proclaim it not only  from our mouth, but from our  heart as well. Our job is to allow Christ to work in and through us. "Thy Will Be Done"  In this phrase we are resigning from our will and accepting the Will of God. We are promising to be an instrument of his will, of his Mercy, of his love. In this phrase, we are accepting to be people of acceptance and unity, people of peace and sharing, people that show kindness and mercy. In this one phrase, we are asking God to come, and use us as His instrument. 

    So today, has we come to be fed from the Word of God, let us contemplate our response to God. Are we going to allow God to grow within us? Are we going to allow ourselves to be an instrument of his love, peace and mercy? Christ is calling all of his baptised faithful to a life of selflessness and self denial. He is calling us to something greater; to something more promising. This is a life with him. Through the acceptance of his will, we are accepting him in our lives. 

    May we come to fully say the Our Father with our hearts and not only our mouth. May we come, to share Gods peace,  love and mercy with our lives. May we come to accept Christ and be an instrument that he can use. 

Have a wonderful Sunday! 


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