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A Touch of Faith

     A couple years ago a long time parishner had left this world, to join the heavenly father. She was an elderly lady and was a parishner since the openings of the parish. She sat in the same second pew every day when she came for Mass, and would be behind everyone in saying the responses. She was a lively women who had loved to talk to people and extend a warm smile to everyone. One thing in particular that I remember about this women was her faith. When she walked in to the church, she had a routine, and she stuck with it. Before she would say hello to anyone, she would walk in, mark herself with holy water, walk over to the blessed sacrament chappel bow, and has she headed to her spot she would bow to the Altar. Only then, would she start to smile, wave and talk to people already their. She had placed her faith first and it was so evident.

      Today, we hear, in the Gospel, two healing stories that took place. We are firstly introduced to the situation for the second miracle at the beginning of the Gospel. While Jesus is headed toward the officals house, a miracle happens. It happens without the discciples knowing, and at first without Jesus knowing. A women, who had nothing left, came searing for Jesus just to touch his cloak. When she did she was healed. After this, Jesus had gone into the officals house and woken up the child that had "fallen asleep" ( Mk 5: 39).

     Jesus in todays Gospel highlights the nessicty for one to have faith. He points out to women who touched his clocked that "your faith has saved you" (Mk 5:34). While Jesus was heading to the officals house hold, he had a large crowed following him, and he was crammed in the middle of a large crowd.  He had many people shoving him, and pushing up against him. Out of all this, he detected a different touch; a touch that cured someone. Jesus detected a touch of faith. As mentioned above, this women had nothing left, except her faith. When she heard of Jesus she had gone out to meet him and to touch him because she knew and believed that he could heal her. It was her touch of faith that had stuck out, and marked a difference from all the others that Jesus had felt.

     After the conclusion of the first miracle, Jesus gives encouraging words to the official, words that we should take to heart, " Do not be afraid, Just have faith." Just have faith. Faith is a healing factor. Faith is a belief and acknowledgment in Christ and all of his power, in the mind, heart and soul. It is one thing to know Christ can do it, and its another to bring it to heart, but we believe in faith by living it; expressing it! Out faith is our actions. Our faith, is the internal acknoledgments and understanding coming out and being lived in our lives.

    The women who came to Jesus was a women of faith. She sought out for the healing touch of Jesus. This women, is an women of example for all of us. She is an example, of true faith and trust, that if we just touch his cloak we can be healed. Like the women who got healed, we must come to Jesus for healing. He will, by his grace, heal us from our illness or raise up things that were dead.

    When we turn to Jesus constantly (in prayer and in scripture) he can heal us of our spirtual and physical illnesses. He can constantly heal us, through his grace and will, from our constant downfalls. He heals us from the illness of pride and selfishness, greed and forgetfullness of the needy, of being uncompassionate and unsypathetic. He can heal us from these illnesses that affect us, and can hurt us spirtually. The first reading describes how God is not the author of death and sin, but rather, it was instituted by the devil. The devil works hard to distract us (Catholics and Christians) away from God. He brings into our lives these illnesses. The illnesses which prevent us from being joyful and merciful ( two themes which, according to Popr Francis, must be evident in a Christian life.

     Christ can only heal us from these illnesses when we turn away from them. He heals us when we want to be healed, and promise not to turn back to these illnesses in our spirtual life. These illnesses affect our relationship with God and with one another. These illnesses can be healed when we, like the women from todays Gospel, search for Christ. Christ, is the ultimate teacher, who, can give us the medicine needed.

    Our faith is powerful. Our faith does wonders. We must turn to God, and make strong our faith. Early on in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus talks about two men; one who builds his house on stone and the one who builds his house on sand. We need to build our faith house on stone. That stone is Jesus Christ. The faith we have can heal us, can save us! Do we truly believe this? Do we acknowledge the saving powers of our faith in Christ? Do we have faith?

Have a good sunday!


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