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The Transforming Water

     The first lesson that is taught to those kids preparing for Confirmation (in our program)  is the importance and usage of water in the church and outside of the church. To get the children thinking, we always begin with the question, "How do we use water?"  All the children put up their hands wanting to answer this question. "Cooking! Bathing! Washing! Watering our Garden!" are all normal answers that they give. Only one kid every year will answer right away with Baptism!

     Todays Gospel is of the Women at the well and her encounter with Jesus. (All depends if there are people going through the RICA program) The gospel tells us of the conversation of this sinful Samaritan. During their conversation we hear that this women has been with five different husbands, and is living with one unlawfully. This made her a sinful person according to the law and was most likely  seen in that way. Another sign that points to this is that she goes at noon and by herself. At noon the sun is at its hottest and the water is all disturbed from everyone who came in the morning.  Since she goes at noon, there must be a separation between her and the people who came in the morning. The gospel gives us an interesting story for us to meditate on our Lenten journey.

     From the Gospel Jesus refers to the "Life giving water" that only he can supply. He gives us this life giving water at our baptism, our initiation into the faith. Through the waters of baptism Jesus gave us a new life, a new identity, a new existence in him. Through these waters, we ourselves become transformed and are made into disciples.

    The women from todays Gospel is a model of a conversion. She begins in disbelief, and begins uphold the stereotype and wall that divided Jews and Samaritans. But through a conversation, and an encounter with Jesus this women is transformed and believed that Christ is Messiah. She then runs and proclaims, "Come and See!" Like the apostles when they were called, this women dropped everything and went to proclaim the good news. She went saying, "Come and See this man!" She knew that this man was the Messiah, and through her encounter she wanted everyone to know it.

     The Gospel is a symbol of Gods continual want for repentance with his children. The women is an example of how God chooses the sinful, imperfect, impure, and lower-class to fulfil his work. Jesus came and created healed servants. These are people whom he called from their sin, and through their conversion served others.  God is constantly seeking to repentance with his children. Yes collectively and generally, but also individually. Lent is a season when we undergo a transformation in our life. A transformation to better live out out baptismal discipleship.
A scene from the movie "The Gospel of John"
One of my favourite biblical movies of all time

    On this third Sunday of Lent, may we come to Christ, the fountain of life giving water, to receive forgiveness for our sins and a transformation in our life. As we journey on these days of Lent, may we come to a conversion of heart and faith- a conversion that will bring us closer to Christ. When we do encounter Christ may we go out evangelizing " Come and See." For it is truly with this personal invite that we can attract people to the thirst filling, life changing, fountain of water- Christ!



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