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"Listen to Him"

     In a world surrounded by noise and screaming messages, silence seems like a mission impossible. The sounds of city streets, the loud music playing in the background, the noise from kids, all make silence truly impossible. Just like the external noises, our hearts to can become noisy and distracted. So many different things are tugging at our hearts, the things that confuse our hearts (and our minds) from seeing and hearing the true message. Lent is a time for us to gather ourselves and to sort out the noise in our heart. Through this Lenten season we are challenged to listen to Christ in our hearts. If it is muting our lives for a moment, and just taking time to pray to him.

Prayer.  In prayer we truly listen to him, and he truly listens to us. Our journey to the cross is not an easy one, and neither is life. But through constant prayer we can become closer to God, given the strength to turn away from sin, and feel an effective change in our lives.

Will you pray today?


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