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Rejecting Yeast

     Today is the last day of Ordinary time before the great season of lent begins. We enter into lent with a begging question from Jesus, in todays Gospel, " Do you not yet understand?" In speaking to his disciples, Jesus questions them and tells them to beware of the yeast of the Pharisees.  But the disciples, do not understand what Jesus says and blames his speech on their failure to bring enough bread on their journey. However, Jesus is not talking about physical bread to eat but rather he is talking about the yeast of disbelief. The yeast that distracts someone from believing in himself. Yeast in the bible is a symbol for sin. Ever since the escape from Egypt, the Israelites have always eaten unleavened bread, as commanded by God. When yeast is added, it makes the bread rise and therefore inedible. Jesus then tells us, to beware, and resist the yeast, the sin, of disbelief.  In the first reading, we hear about God purifying the world through the great flood. He is abolishing the world because " the wickedness of the world was great."  But God chooses to save Noah and his family that have rejected the yeast of disbelief.  Lent is a time for us to purify ourselves from sin and to be like Noah, and reject the yeast of disbelief.


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