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"Jesus... Went Out to a Deserted place and There He PRAYED"

     Instead of coming up with New Years resolutions every year (that I am destined to fail at) I decide to choose 1 word. The creators of this marvellous idea, suggest to write posts about the word throughout the year. Last year, I totally forgot about those posts, and had only written my first post. This year however is going to be different. As a matter of fact, I am incorporating it into this post. 

 This year I chose the word 'Prayer.' Prayer is the foundation of living the Christian faith. It is our way of communicating to God our emotions and our mood, our struggles and our triumphs, our sins and our successes. Prayer is a conversation to our father, brother, teacher, shepherd- Jesus Christ. 

     In todays eventful Gospel, Jesus himself gets up early in the morning and prays. He subtracts himself from his fruitful works to spend time talking to his father. He begins his day with prayer. We do not know what he prays, but we know that he does pray. The action of prayer is very powerful, it allows us to hear God and allows God to hear us. 

     Any form of prayer is: strengthening, teaching, and freeing.  Prayer gives us strength. It gives us the necessary graces to fulfil the will of God. It gives us the strength to pick up our cross and follow the path lead by Christ.  Prayer also is teaching. We don't teach prayer, Prayer teaches us.Prayer teaches us the will of God. It allows us to discern the will of God for our lives and how we go about fulfilling it.  Prayer also teaches us to listen. In our lives we can become very busy, distracted, and stressed.  Finally, Prayer is freeing. Prayer allows us to open up to God, and allow him to deal with things. Prayer is refreshing for the soul. It allows our selves to be freeing. We cannot solve everything. 
     Before Jesus starts his day, he begins with prayer in a deserted place. He acknowledges that he needs the teaching, the strength and the freeness that only God can give and teach. Jesus was totally human and totally divine. While on earth Jesus experienced much of what we do. He cried at the death of his friend, he felt tired after days of work, he became hungry, and he knew when he had to pray.

     In todays Gospel, Jesus is doing one thing; building the kingdom. The fruitfulness of his work his shown through Simons mother in laws actions. She was healed and served. Jesus has the goal of healing and forming disciples of service. In the Gospel, we are told that simons mother in law does just that... " Then the fever left her and she began to serve them."  Jesus calls us from our previous life, and helps us to form a life of service. 

    Through prayer we are given the strength, grace, and knowledge to be able to servent minded people. Christ died for the forgiveness of our sins. Through his death we are called and transformed to become people of service. Service to our brothers and sisters is indeed the heart of todays Gospel.

Prayer is Powerful. 

Prayer can cause a Transformation. 

Prayer is key to a solid Catholic Faith. 


 As I was writing this post, I came across an article how the showers installed in Rome are completed. Just another sign of Pope Francis living the Gospel. He is truly a man, that knows the importance of prayer and is living a life of service. He commissioned these showers to be built for the homeless, he also had barber shops open for haircuts and shaving for the poor. Not to long ago he also had sleeping bags handed out to homeless. What a great guy Pope Francis is. He truly is the living message of the Gospel.



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