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What I think, Is Gods Calling for Me.

Yesterday at school, I was stopped by someone who was asked me an intriguing question. The Question is: Why the Priesthood? Why would you want to become a priest? You don't want a family?  I responded, ' Some people are born natural at sports, others know they are good in accounting, and others are good in cooking. I believe mine is the Priesthood.' Then again they asked me, but why. The teacher was calling me so I had to go. But after thinking about it... It wasn't me that decided, it was God. I feel the calling from God, and each time I answer yes Lord. One of my favorite bibles verses are: ' Before I formed you in your mothers womb, I chose you. Before you were born I set you a part  (Jeremiah 1: 5) Now if it is the Lords will I will continue to say yes. I did not choose to want to become a priest, God did. I have always been attracted to the Mass- like it was built into me.  Some people have attractions to become a cook, an accountant, a football player. My attraction is to the priesthood.  So why do I choose to become a priest? Well, I didn`t, It was God. As far as I can discern God is calling me to the Priesthood, and I choose to accept what God wants.

Just a little thought, What is God calling you to? 



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