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The Call To Love

        In the reading for today John, in his first letter, writes about the four letter word: Love. This strong emotion, and it's counter part (hate) are used everyday in our lives, and in commercials to attract our attention. Commercials scream phrases like: " I totally love this..." " Buy what they will surly love." "You are sure to love this.." This is not true love. It is consumer love. The attachment to material things. John writes about true love. The love between God and his people. God loves us so much that he gave his only son for us. In return, God wants our love back. He first loved us. He cared for our life and wants us to reign with him in heaven. He loves us. Through Gods love, we are able to evangelize to others, sharing his love, opening our arms to everyone, because God opens his arms to everyone. Let us share this love today, with the people around us. Not the love of items, but rather, a love, a kindness to others.

How will you show Gods Love today?

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