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Ring Ring... Guess Whos Calling???

Tabernacle at my Parish.... Taken during Advent.
     Yesterday I taught the grade three Catechism class about the Eucharist. After spending about 10 minutes in the class room the kids didn't seem to understand the concept. So I scraped that idea and headed to the church. I gave the kids a tour of the church, showed them the sacristy and show them the things we use in Mass. When I said that we were going to go an  visit the true Jesus, their faces got lit up with a consuming excitement.

      Todays Gospel begins with John Baptist noticing Jesus walking along. At the very first sight of Jesus, John proclaims the phrase, " Behold the Lamb of God (that takes away the sins of the world)" This is the first title given to Jesus by the people. The Lamb of God. The ultimate sacrifice. He is the sacrificial lamb. This was Johns first response, asserting Jesus as the Lamb of God.

      God is constantly calling us. Today in the first reading, we hear Samuel being called by God, and in the Gospel Andrew and Peter are being called. All 3 people give a joyful response to him: "Speak Lord your Servant in Listening" ..."We have found the Messiah." Every single day in our lives God is calling us to become closer to him; to encounter him. The calling may not be like Samuels, Andrews or Peters, but the calling is there. It is the calling to follow him, trust him, and let him lead the way.

      Last weekend we celebrated the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Through his baptism, Christ himself instituted and new baptism- a baptism for his followers. A baptism for redemption, freedom and has a symbol of accepting Gods will. When we were baptised we agreed to follow Christ, to live in his way.  Through the waters of baptism, we become sons and daughters of Christ, we begin to follow Christ. Our Christian duty is to pick up our cross and follow him ( even if that means being crucified with Christ) God knows best, and it is through the sacraments that we are able to become strengthen to rely more and more of God and his plan for us.

    God is calling us. He is calling us to experience a true and fulfilling happiness. This happiness is only attained when we follow Christ. When we accept his will, and begin to understand his greatness, his compassion for us.  John the Baptist, at first sight of Jesus proclaimed, " Behold the Lamb of God" The disciples dropped everything and sang that, " They have found the Messiah." But what is our response? Christ is constantly making himself present to us in our lives... How do we respond? Is it a response of a consuming joy and excitement, or is it a response of rejection, hatred and dissatisfaction?

    On this second week of Ordinary time, may we take time to find Christ calling us in our life. May we take time in prayer to discern his will for us. May we come with immense excitement at the first sight of Our Lord.

Have a great Sunday!




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