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"I WILL MAKE YOU fishers of men..."

     This weekend the church celebrates the third Sunday of Ordinary time, and as mentioned in previous posts, there is northing Ordinary about it. The word "Ordinary" is very much misleading. When we say Ordinary the Church does not mean 'common' or 'regular' rather, it means, ordinal, ordered, counted days. During these ordered days, we hear the events of Jesus public ministry on earth, as heard throughout the different Gospels. Today, from the Gospel of Mark, we hear the very beginning of Jesus' public ministry on earth. 

     As Jesus embarks on his ministry, he begins by calling disciples. He calls them with the beautiful phrase, "Come follow me and I will make you fishers of people"  In their current life, the disciples are simple fishers. They are mending their nets, and working like a normal day. Until this man calls them to follow him. I am always amazed at the disciples eager response to get up, leave everything behind, and follow this man. Obviously, there was something intriguing, special, and obvious about Jesus that allowed them to leave everything behind. 

    Notice in Jesus' call he says 'I will make you fishers of people.'   He will be their teacher; guiding them, teaching them, and transforming their lives. He begins this transformation with one very difficult task; repent. Jesus begins his ministry, we are told, when John the Baptist was arrested. Jesus message begins the same as Johns; repent. John spoke of a repentance of actions; repent your sins, say sorry to those who do wrong. Jesus is asking for a bigger repentance; a 180 degree repentance. Jesus is basically saying, 'Go apologize, but also make sure you never do it again' 

     Through his call, Jesus wants to transform the lives of the disciples. The kingdom he came to bring isn't of this world; so he needs to transform those of this world to fit the building of his kingdom. He accomplishes this early, by calling them from being fishermen and will be their guide to make them fishers of men. His transformation of the apostles is evident in  Mark; he mainly teaches about the kingdom of God. Through this teaching, Jesus institutes a new but yet familiar image of God to his disciples. Transforming their Judaic image of God, into a new, Christian image of God.  

      We, like the disciples are being called by Jesus. He is constantly seeking us first. Always. God is calling us to a new life, to a better and more fulfilling life- a life with him. Jesus is constantly calling us to repentance, to change our life and focus on him, His will, His life. When we respond like the apostles did, we are able to become transformed, we are able to become fishers of men. One of the most important things to remember is if we want to learn from Jesus, we must live with Jesus. If we do not make time for Jesus, we won't be transformed by Jesus. 


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