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"I WILL MAKE YOU fishers of men..."

This weekend the church celebrates the third Sunday of Ordinary time, and as mentioned in previous posts, there is northing Ordinary about it. The word "Ordinary" is very much misleading. When we say Ordinary the Church does not mean 'common' or 'regular' rather, it means, ordinal, ordered, counted days. During these ordered days, we hear the events of Jesus public ministry on earth, as heard throughout the different Gospels. Today, from the Gospel of Mark, we hear the very beginning of Jesus' public ministry on earth. 
     As Jesus embarks on his ministry, he begins by calling disciples. He calls them with the beautiful phrase, "Come follow me and I will make you fishers of people" In their current life, the disciples are simple fishers. They are mending their nets, and working like a normal day. Until this man calls them to follow him. I am always amazed at the disciples eager response to get up, leave everything behind, and follow this …

What I think, Is Gods Calling for Me.

Yesterday at school, I was stopped by someone who was asked me an intriguing question. The Question is: Why the Priesthood? Why would you want to become a priest? You don't want a family?  I responded, ' Some people are born natural at sports, others know they are good in accounting, and others are good in cooking. I believe mine is the Priesthood.' Then again they asked me, but why. The teacher was calling me so I had to go. But after thinking about it... It wasn't me that decided, it was God. I feel the calling from God, and each time I answer yes Lord. One of my favorite bibles verses are: ' Before I formed you in your mothers womb, I chose you. Before you were born I set you a part  (Jeremiah 1: 5) Now if it is the Lords will I will continue to say yes. I did not choose to want to become a priest, God did. I have always been attracted to the Mass- like it was built into me.  Some people have attractions to become a cook, an accountant, a football player. My att…

Ring Ring... Guess Whos Calling???

Yesterday I taught the grade three Catechism class about the Eucharist. After spending about 10 minutes in the class room the kids didn't seem to understand the concept. So I scraped that idea and headed to the church. I gave the kids a tour of the church, showed them the sacristy and show them the things we use in Mass. When I said that we were going to go an  visit the true Jesus, their faces got lit up with a consuming excitement.

      Todays Gospel begins with John Baptist noticing Jesus walking along. At the very first sight of Jesus, John proclaims the phrase, " Behold the Lamb of God (that takes away the sins of the world)" This is the first title given to Jesus by the people. The Lamb of God. The ultimate sacrifice. He is the sacrificial lamb. This was Johns first response, asserting Jesus as the Lamb of God.

      God is constantly calling us. Today in the first reading, we hear Samuel being called by God, and in the Gospel Andrew and Peter are being call…

The Call To Love

In the reading for today John, in his first letter, writes about the four letter word: Love. This strong emotion, and it's counter part (hate) are used everyday in our lives, and in commercials to attract our attention. Commercials scream phrases like: " I totally love this..." " Buy what they will surly love." "You are sure to love this.." This is not true love. It is consumer love. The attachment to material things. John writes about true love. The love between God and his people. God loves us so much that he gave his only son for us. In return, God wants our love back. He first loved us. He cared for our life and wants us to reign with him in heaven. He loves us. Through Gods love, we are able to evangelize to others, sharing his love, opening our arms to everyone, because God opens his arms to everyone. Let us share this love today, with the people around us. Not the love of items, but rather, a love, a kindness to others.

How will you sh…

Visitors from the East

Ever since December 26th society has been wrapping up Christmas.  Christmas commercials have stopped playing, we stop hearing Christmas carols, people have taken down their Christmas trees and stores are starting to sell merchandise for Valentine’s day. The Church, however, is still thriving in Christmas spirit.  The church is still decorated and the Christmas hymns are still being sung because Christmas is a season- not a day. As we continue throughout this season we continue to experience the excitement and joy we first did on Christmas day.
            Today we celebrate the feast of the Epiphany, the day in which the wise men followed the star and adored the Christ child. The word ‘Epiphany’ translates, from its original Greek to, ‘ to reveal.’ We celebrate today the Christ child being revealed to the world through the wise men.  We celebrate Christs coming for the Jews and for the Gentiles. The Gospel of Matthew has a central theme that Christ came for both Jews and …

Happy Mary Day! (and a Happy New Year!)

Today people celebrate many different things: A brand new year, world day of Peace,. Above all, however, it is a the day dedicated to Mary, Mother of the world. It is a day, where we, the Christian faithful, give honour to Mary.

    Todays Gospel is the same Gospel that we heard not to long ago on Christmas at "Mass at dawn" It is the proclamation of the shepherds praise and joy of having seen great things. However, something more important is what Mary did that we are told of, " ...Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart" She did not let these things leave her, rather she kept them and meditated on them.

    I believe we have lost the importance of pondering things, looking back at past events. So often God puts events into our lives that are meant to help us grow and we don't take them time to appreciate them and thank him for it. Mary was a poor women in her teens who was chosen to be the Mother of God. She had no clue what it enti…