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The Second Sunday of Advent

      I am for certain that I would have been totally perplexed by the message of John the Baptist. He is the one, coming from a desert, telling us to make low the mountains and to fill the valleys and make straight out paths. If a man did that today, I am sure I would have thought he was crazy.

     However, John is a unique figure that is defiantly worth imitation. He wears a camel skins and a leather belt- nothing fancy, but rather poor, and non special. But it is the fact that John accepted this role from God.  The bible never includes his conception of the job, but surly it is worth notice. He accepted the responsibility of preparing the people for Christ to come. He made wanted all crooked paths straight and every hill levelled and every valley filled.

     We, the people that have lived after the first coming, have the same role has John. To prepare people for the second coming. Through our love, compassion, friendship, and evangilization, we can prepare people, to help them turn from sin, and turn to the Lord.

    May we come to be like John, to prepare the world not only through words but also through the actions towards our brothers and sisters in Christ


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