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New Years Resolution

     Every year I make a new years resolution that, by the very next day I have seemed to break it. If, by the rare possibility, I do make it past the first day, I always break it by the end of the month. Obviously, I am not very committed to this resolution thing. However, one thing I like to do is a Good thing Jar.

     For some reason, this year on social media this idea has exploded. What you do is you take a jar, and keep it somewhere special. This jar is the 'good thing jar' ( or whatever you want to call it.) Whenever something good happens you write it on a thin piece of paper, fold it, and put it in the jar. Then on December 31st you open the jar and remind your self of all the good things that have happened to you.

      Back in October, for my series, "Making Ordinary Time a Little Less Ordinary" I wrote a blog post on this. You can check it out HERE... I might have added a bit more detail here.

      I have done this good thing jar for a view years and have failed. But has I opened mine for this year, I was reminded of all the good things I have forgotten about over the last year. This morning, I relived the year, remembering all the good times I had over this past year.

     This year I am committed. I am going to make sure I write everything good down on the piece of paper and lock it in the jar. This year, I am going to take it a step further. I am going to, in a year from now, create a journal from all the slips of paper. After I have read them all from 2015 I will tape them into their own scrape book. This way, I can always look back at the things that have happened to me.

    The challenge is to find something good out of everyday. It can be something small, or something large that happened. There is just two rules: 1) No negativity 2) No reading past slips (until December 31st)

     I want to thank everyone for their support for this blog! From all the nice emails I get, and the support from blog posts: THANK YOU!! I look forward to writing more posts, and reading yuor emails in the new year!

     Thursday Think Abouts will continue in the new year. They are on a break for now But will continue in the middle of January!

     Every Second Tuesday, starting Next year ( haha) I will be writing a short little post. It could be a prayer, or just a thought on a passage from the bible. It could be how I saw God in my day, or what has happened. Whatever it the post of that day will be, it will happen.

     And if you are curious, I am choosing a new word for 2015... My word this year will be PRAYER. Prayer changes people. Prayer is powerful. My year will be centred on prayer!

See you in a year from now!


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