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Faith Can Change a Family!

     Depending on who you ask, the feast of the Holy Family, has been observed for nearly 100 years. Todays devotional feast day is one that we do not know much of. The body of this feast day comes from the accounts in the Gospels of the events that Mary, Joseph and Jesus are all together (which happens to be only before Jesus starts his public ministry) However, the Holy Family is a the perfect model for all families. It is the example that all families should look to for inspiration and guidance.

     The first reading today takes us back to our first father in faith, Abraham. God is promising Abram descendent has numerous has the stars in the skies- even though his wife, Sarah, is barren. It was Abram that was chosen to be the father of humanity. So throughout Genesis we are given multiple accounts of God testing Abraham's fidelity to him. Abraham faith gave birth to the plan of God- it was his faith that was necessary for the birth of humanity and fulfilment of Gods Plan. Abraham just had to give up his current life and trust what God has in store for him.

     The second reading today is taken from the faith chapter in Hebrews. The rich and beautiful text of chapter eleven takes us on a journey of faith of the prophets, kings and holy people in ancient times. The beginning of the Chapter begins with this, " It was by their faith that people of ancient times won Gods approval."  (He 11: 2)  The second readings repeats the phrase, " By Faith" three times. Each time explaining a different aspect of Abraham's life that he trusted God. Each time he let his life transform from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

     In todays Gospel, Mary and Joseph have brought the child Jesus for purification and circumcision. They were a practising, faithful, Jewish family. They did everything required from the law mentioned in Leviticus. Has time had progressed, Mary and Joseph grew into their roles has parents for Jesus. They accept, like Abraham, this plan from God without knowing what it meant. However, has time went on, they began to understand, treasure and meditate on the events that have been happening.

     The Holy Family was a family of faith. Mary and Joseph accepted Gods will for them, and they were faithful to the Jewish law. The Gospel of Luke is the only Gospel to describe what happened to Jesus from the time of his birth to when he was twelve- " The Child, grew and became strong, filled with wisdom and the favour of God was upon him"  Mary and Joseph, accepted their role has parents for Jesus. After they brought him into the temple, as per the law, they became his parents. They named him, and they had him circumcised. They took on the challenge of raising him, teaching him, and helping him live a life.

     Faith, trust and obedience to God changes our lives. The Holy Family trusted, was obedient and had faith in everything that God had planned for them. Has a family they believed and they grew. They grew in their own relationships with each other and with God. Which is something we all can learn. When we, has a family, trust in Gods timing, in Gods plan we grow our relationship with each other and become united more and more under Gods love.

     The Holy Family is the perfect family. they are the model for all Christian families. They taught us that faith changes our lives. Faith in God made our life possible, and that faith in God allowed for us to be saved. May we come, has a family, to grow always closer to God.


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