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Feast of Christ the King

    89 years ago, Pope Pious the Eleventh had instituted the feast we celebrate today, that is, The Feast of Jesus Christ the king of the universe. This feast day was instituted at a time when secularism was taking over and Pious added it to refute the modern thinking of the time. Many European leaders had been consumed by there power and had become large, and fierce dictators, and for their purpose, and to define who the real king was, Pope Pious, in an encyclical added the feast of Christ the King to the liturgical year.

    In my opinion, this feast is needed today just as much as it was back then. New forms of secularism have taken over our society, individualism. The idea that one must do everything and anything for themselves and that only themselves can be in charge of oneself. This is a new form of secularism that has damaged our society to the point of disbelief in Christ Jesus.

    Today however, Jesus presents himself not has a selfish, unrighteous ruler, rather he presents himself as a just and fair ruler. He judges his flock based on their actions, not by the amount of power and money on this earth. For, while talking to Pilate, Jesus said, "My Kingdom is not of this world... For this I was born and for this I came into the world,to testify to the truth."  So if Jesus was from this world he would judge based on earthly hierarchy systems, but he isn't. While on earth he gave us one commandment to sum them all up, Love thy neighbour and by this commandment he will judge us. It is only through love that we give food and fill their thirst, that we cloth and visit. Only out of love, and it is not the action it's self that will help them, it is the symbol of love. That those who are being helped will know that someone does love and care for them- and that is a bigger need than food and clothing.

    We are all children of Christ, baptised or not baptised, we are all his children deserving the same love and attention. Because we believe that Christ made every human being in his likeness and image we have a common unity among us, children. We are all children of Christ Jesus. Christ himself looks kindly upon each and everyone of us. But do we? Do we look with kindness upon the homeless sleeping at the entrance to a building? Do we look with eyes of love and compassion upon someone who is challenged in some way, whether physically or mentally? Do we look upon with eyes of sorrow a beggar sitting on the side of the road begging for money? Do we treat everyone with equal dignity?

    So as we celebrate the feast of Christ the king, may we come and reflect on the actions of our lives and to reflect if we are truly meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters. Our goal is to love one another. Through actions of care, support and healing we truly love our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. May we come and reflect, " Do we  truly love our neighbour? " 


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