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Advent: Being Truly Hopeful!

     Today we embark on a new journey within the church, the journey of Advent. All the green cloths in the church have been replaced with purple, and the atmosphere has become one of anticipation and excitement. During this time of Advent we have four candles to guide our paths, thinking, and journey. Today, we light the first purple candle; the candle of hope.

     Advent is surly a time of hope, we are hopeful for the coming of Christ, and his outpouring of graces into our lives. But as post-resurrection people, we already know Christ came and we already know that he will come at Christmas. It's happened already, and we know it will happen again and again. Thats where the challenge of  this season begins.

    We are challenged to become the Jewish people. the Israelites, anticipating the arrival of the Messiah.  We must really put our selves back in time to understand the beauty of this season that we now call Advent. We must force ourselves to truly anticipate the one king, who becomes incarnate to save us for this sinful world.

    Todays Gospel has the one central theme, " Stay awake, be ready, for you do not know when the Lord is coming"  We must continuously be sincerely hopeful, and be ready.  Yes, we must prepare ourselves spiritually but also daily. WE prepare, and stay awake, by reaching out to our sisters and brothers in need. No one should go without: food, dignity, or clothes. No one should go without feeling loved. The time of Advent is a time that we prepare by sharing love to everyone.

    So this Advent, as we prepare for the advent of our king, may we come and outreach to the poor, elderly, and less fortunate. May we come and truly become hopeful that the true king is coming to eternally save us!


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